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Nursing Program + Long Island University (brooklyn campus) Nursing Question

  1. 0 Hello everyone,
    I just have some questions about nursing programs in general + Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus) Nursing program (BEWARE: some of the questions may sound unintelligent but bare with me please.)

    1. What is the difference between going to a nursing school & getting into a nursing program? (is there any difference)

    2. How long does it take to get into a nursing program for a average person?

    3. Can I take ALL my BSN program nursing pre-req at city tech (the college that I am currently in) then transfer?

    4. Can someone tell me what are the pre-req for LIU nursing program? (I looked into the site but they don't really give me a list)

    5. Is there a entrance exam before getting into LIU nursing?

    6. I wanted to stay in City tech and get into the ASN program there but I feel like I'm wasting my time and am feeling as if Im never going to get in the program. (should I be worried?) So even if LIU is expensive as long as I get into the program I am happy. I also am getting pressured to finish my nursing as early as possible because in my country kids become BSNs at age of 20 or 21. (All their pre-req are finished in 11th & 12th grade). I tried to make my family understand this but its impossible my only choice is to finish my pre-req and transfer to LIU nursing program (if possible)..I hope that is possible.

    My Pre-req @ city tech:

    Biology 101- A
    A&P I - B-
    A&P II- B+
    Pschology - B
    Child Psychology- B+
    Sociology- B+
    Math 1275- B
    English I- B+
    English II- A
    Microbology- Need to take this

    I know these scores don't look that good and there is no excuse but if there is any way to get in with these scores to LIU I would be very happy.
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    Hey Truth,

    UH, I figured ill share the little bit of information i know in case you still have some grey areas of concern.

    1. I guess your question is relatively the same in the sense that if your getting into a nursing school you are in the program. For example, you would be going to LIU you would be enrolled in the nursing program but at City Tech you are enrolled in City Tech and not so much their program.

    2. Considering your pre-requisites are done, finishing a nursing program should be about 4 semesters considering nothing is failed or repeated.

    3. I would say that you can take all of your pre-reqs at city tech just make sure that you are taking all of the reccomended courses for LIU so there is no discrepancy there.

    pen up the link that states the pre-professional phase of nursing.

    5. There is an extrance exam called the Hesi and it must be taking within 2 semester of starting the program and passed with a grade of 75% in the required sections.

    6. If i were you with the amount of drive that you seem to have i would persue the BSN and i understand how you feel about the pressure from family members but one thing i have learned is not to compare yourself to others. Everyones journey and path in life is different. Just keep your mind on the prize and you will be fine.

    Hope this helped.
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    Thank you so much for replying to my thread! I know I am saying thanks after such a long time. I didn't think anyone would reply to my post. So once again. I really appreciate your detailed answer!