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  1. hey everyone! I'm currently a student at hunter college and am applying for the nursing program for Fall 2010. I am taking the NLN tomorrow and am very nervous! I know the test is computer based and you can get your score as soon as your finished taking the test. I know there have been NLN exams going on since Monday. I was wondering if people wanted to share their scores (totally anonymous) just so we can get idea of what the high-low scores are. I hope everyone did well and I hope to see you in the program this fall!
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  3. by   allaboutme23
    First of all I really hope you did great on the test. You can check your results right away by going to You can download the results in PDF format. I took the test today as well and here are my scores (not sure what they mean exactly).
    Composite Percentile Score: DI AD ALL

    95 90 91
    Composite Score:

    I wish you the best of luck and hopefully we will both be nursing students this fall at Hunter
  4. by   annag425
    Wow that sounds great! My test is a couple of hours away! What did you think of it overall? Which section did you do best in? I heard there is a lot of physics...this is the second time I'm taking this test so I hope all my studying pays off! If you don't mind me asking what is your gpa? I will post what I got on the nln as soon as I finish tomorrow. What is this years competition like? I took all my micro and A&P last year. If you need any study tips for Those classes let me know! I got A- is both I really hope we both get in!!!
  5. by   Tallulahbelle
    Adding to this thread too (even though I have another thread going about Hunter and the NLN ).

    I took mine on Wednesday afternoon.

    Composite score of 131.

    I am SO curious now about what everyone else got!
  6. by   annag425
    Just got home from taking the test. Finally I can breath!It is sooo unfair that they only have you 60 minutes a section!!! I could have done so much better if I had only a little more time! But time to move my composite score 132. And my percentile was DI:96 AD: 91 ALL: 92.

    I tried reading and understanding what these %s mean...anyone have a clue?

    Allaboutme23 if you don't mind me asking, what is your GPA? If any of you hear from your friends about what they got make sure to post it here! I am also soo curious!
  7. by   allaboutme23
    My GPA is horrible 3.16, I dont think I stand a chance, but I am still going to apply. Hunter is very competitive, I heard you have to score higher than 95th percentile. Also, I spoke with the Hunter's Nursing advisor and she told me that composite score of 130 is good, but she's seen much higher composite scores. She was recommending that I retake this exam and try to score a 150. I thought that I did great on this test, I guess I was wrong.
    Good luck to all.
  8. by   annag425
    Don't be so discouraged!!! Your score is very good and so is mine I'm only 2 points higher! Last year was VERY competitive and the highest score that I know someone got was a 144. She had a 3.5 and got into the program. So people with a lower score still got in!!! Remember there are 100 spots. Hopefully our scores are high enough and don't be so discouraged so early on! If you hear about how other people did post it here! Ah I wish we knew what the highest scoring person got!!!
  9. by   Tallulahbelle

    You stated: " I heard you have to score higher than 95th percentile". Which percentile? If you notice there are 3 different percentiles listed.

    For example, my composite was 131 and my percentiles were:

    DI : 95
    AD: 91
    ALL: 92

    Which one, I wonder, are they referring to? All or DI? So confusing.

    Also, don't let them discourage you. At the orientation I recall the person saying that people should aim for 150 but realistically there will not be many people who hit that. As someone else stated, last year the highest was 144. It all depends on how everyone else did this time around really. If there were a ton of amazing test takers who got 150, well then, we can worry. But you never know
  10. by   slowwittedgirl
    I just took the exam today! It's so awesome that we get to get our score right away.

    My composite score is 146. And my percentiles were 99, 98, 98 respectively.

    I'm surprised at my score cause I thought that the vocab was a killer.
  11. by   msymeimei
    i'm so nervous i wanna know what everyone got lol
    do any of you know how many people are applying???
    for the percentile, i think they look at the DI, cuz that's for diploma w/e and the AD is like associates degreee

    i'm afraid about my score because when i went to the advisor, she said the average score of people who got in is 140/160, they look at the raw score and not composite :'( but i dunno

    AHHHHh i wanna cry right noww

    can someone please tell me when are we going to know whether we got in or not? Thanks!!!
  12. by   annag425
    msymeimei what did you score on the NLN?
    from what i heard, they look at your composite score, not the raw. we don't even know what the raw score is. Also, the advisor might have said that was the average, but that means people got LOWER then 140. Also, I think they look at the ALL percentile score. last year the test was taken late march and people got their acceptance to hunter in the beginning of may. so hopefully its earlier this year...
  13. by   Tallulahbelle
    This whole process is depressing. I replied in the other NY forum but I am feeling despondent enough to reply here too. I have a really great GPA because I pushed myself to get As in everything (pre-reqs and even my non pre-req classes) for the last 2 years. However, Hunter weighs the NLN as 50% of their criteria for admission. So, my composite score of 131 gets weighed heavily in terms of what they are looking for. I feel like I pushed myself to get a great GPA for the last 2 years for nothing because when it comes down to it they care quite a bit about the NLN score. It feels so skewed because the pre-reqs should reflect better on the type of student they are looking for logically. If someone can take a huge course load and still get As and get As in the courses needed for nursing school, that should absolutely matter in the grand scheme of things. Ugh.

    Oh well. I guess we will all find out anyway in a few months.
  14. by   msymeimei
    hey annag425
    i got 142 for my composite score
    buh i went to ask mandosa (dunno how to spell her name lol), i asked her during the fall semester and she said the average is 140, then this semester, i asked her is the average 140/160 or 140/200 and she told me it was 140/160.
    My other friend went to ask her the same question, and she said the same thing, 140/160.
    They look at your verbal, math and science score and add them together.
    So math (40) + verbal (60) + science (60) will be a total of 160 if you get all the questions right :'( i only got 129/160 (this is the raw score). That's why i'm scared :/