NSLIJ ED Fellowship 2012

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    They are interviewing, I just got a call from them. Hoping to connect with prospective candidates and past candidates. What was your experience like? How long was the program? and most importantly whats is the starting pay?

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    Man! Can't believe I missed this one!
    I just applied.... when did it open up?
    Good luck on the interview!
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    I think in the last last they opened up the job listing. Thanks
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    Last what?So you heard back very quickly. Awesome. Hope you get it!
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    ha Last week, that was.
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    The fellowship is designed poorly, the management and majority of he nurses in that ER are NOT helpful or welcoming, and vey* unprofessional. That ER has a very bed reputation. There is a big lack of support for new graduates as well!
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    Hmmm? You were a part of it?
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    It would be nice to know more about your experience. I have a friend who is currently at the manhasset location and she loves it. How long ago did you attend the program ajessica?
    Salary? How long was the Program? if you don't mind ...
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    I had the interview today and it went great. July 23 is the starting date for the fellowship. By then i might be working as an RN somewhere else. Will see.
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    Glad it went well. I want an interview so bad. Don't know if I'll get one though.

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