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Does anyone have any inside information/opinions about this program. I was just offered an interview and I am very excited about it, but I would love if anyone could tell me anything about it if they went through the program... Read More

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    I went through all 3 interviews and recently received an email asking for references, but I have no gotten a call back yet

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    ed25, that sounds like a good sign! what position did you interview for? i had my 3rd interview last friday.. i didnt get an email about references yet, but i did upload my reference list onto the online application and i believe i handed it in at the 1st interview as well..
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    hey guys, I am just doing some research myself. Where exactly do you find these fellowship openings? the only website that I am finding for Lij is on any other website suggestions?
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    So ed25 and misStaken314, any news?? I believe the Fellowship starts next week.
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    Does anyone know when the next fellowship is??
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    Not til next year at least. It depends on how much space/money they have.
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    Quote from NurseMoi
    So ed25 and misStaken314, any news?? I believe the Fellowship starts next week.
    NurseMoi, the fellowship starts tomorrow. i accepted a position in the neuro ICU. anyone else in the october crit care fellowship?
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    Congrats misStaken314!!! The Neuro ICU should be exciting. Good luck on your first day tomorrow
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    Mistaken314, did u get called right away when u applied? How did u get them to call u?
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    Hi audacia! I hope your first week went well. Idk if you got my messages or not but this site won't let me private message because I don't use it often. Feel free to email me at if you want

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