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Hey everyone, Considering that flu vaccines are being mandated here in NY (which includes H1N1 in addition to the regular flu vacc), does anyone know of any groups taking action against this? I've... Read More

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    Mandatory order for H1N1 flu shot rescinded.
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    It seems funny that the government, and the media have been telling us for 2 years to beware of the swine flu.
    Nothing seems to have happened until they started giving the live virus to people as a vaccine. Then all of the
    sudden over 1,000 deaths. Seems to me that there is a correlation to this. How about you?
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    Um, Mark, the vaccine just came out a couple of weeks ago & there have been deaths happening since early this summer.
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    Mark probably doesn't care what we say to him about H1N1 or the vaccine....he likely has his "sources" of info which are feeding his fear and distrust.
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    I haven't read this entire thread, but I live in NY. The reason the mandate was suspended was because 3 Albany Medical Center ER nurses brought a lawsuit, but my hospital issued a statement saying the mandate was suspended because of a shortage of vaccine(which doesn't really make sense because there isn't a shortage of seasonal flu vaccine, and that mandate has also been suspended). I have a 9 month old, and we've both had our seasonal flu shots, but haven't been able to get the H1N1 vaccines yet. I work on an Onc floor, but apparently that's not priority(which is surprising to me).

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    I just got my H1N1 vaccine yesterday. I live in NYS and it took about 30 phone calls and a lot of begging. Wasn't an issue for the SNF where I work because we haven't even given the seasonal flu vaccine yet to people--we can't get it. But as an ANP student, I was told I wouldn't be able to continue clinical without it, so I got it. Not too bad accept the immune system kick as it work--I got the side effects: runny nose, runny eyes, sore throat, general ache which lasts about a day. Frankly, I would have gotten the vaccine even if it hadn't been mandated, but I might not have tried to get it "right now". That said, I don't think anyone should be required to get the vaccine.