New york presbyterian pediatric pharm exam - page 2

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Hi all, I am going to be taking the pre- employment pediatric pharmacology exam this week. I am very nervous since this will be my second and last chance. I only failed by 1 question last time. Has anyone taken this a... Read More

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    Congrats to you for passing! I think my interviews went well yesterday. They gave me the paper about the test but waiting for them to call me back.
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    That's great! I hope you hear back soon.
    Thank you!
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    Hi Esc.

    I was wondering if you could help me. I am going to be taking the pediatric exam and I'm very nervous about it. I saw that you mentioned a practice test and I keep going on the NLN website and I cannot seem to find it. When I talked with nurse recruitment they said there is no such practice test. I was wondering if you could help guide me to the exam.


    Any advice on what to study. Ive been using that Huge book they recommend.

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    Hi esc_newnurse! How do you like the PICU? I was wondering if you could send me a study guide or material that you found helpful in passing the peds pharm exam? I would be extremely grateful!