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Hi all, I am going to be taking the pre- employment pediatric pharmacology exam this week. I am very nervous since this will be my second and last chance. I only failed by 1 question last time. Has anyone taken this a... Read More

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    Congrats to you for passing! I think my interviews went well yesterday. They gave me the paper about the test but waiting for them to call me back.

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    That's great! I hope you hear back soon.
    Thank you!
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    Hi Esc.

    I was wondering if you could help me. I am going to be taking the pediatric exam and I'm very nervous about it. I saw that you mentioned a practice test and I keep going on the NLN website and I cannot seem to find it. When I talked with nurse recruitment they said there is no such practice test. I was wondering if you could help guide me to the exam.


    Any advice on what to study. Ive been using that Huge book they recommend.

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    Hi esc_newnurse! How do you like the PICU? I was wondering if you could send me a study guide or material that you found helpful in passing the peds pharm exam? I would be extremely grateful!
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    Hi @esc_newnurse, I know it has been awhile since you took your pharm exam, but I was hoping you might have some advice? I was given the study guide, however I used a drug book to fill it out, and when I compare that info to info found online, some of it differs. I'm not sure which source to trust, and I am wondering if the test makes it pretty easy to find the right answer? Thank you, and any insight into this exam would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR]esc_newnurse
    I am about to take the PICU pharm exam can you please help me and guide me as I am overwhelmed with the study guide and the study guide is not for PICU

    Please help

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    Hi rnsvcmc, I too was recently hired for the PICU. I think even though we will be in the PICU, we take the basic pediatric pharm exam, because that is the study guide they gave us. When do you take your test?

    I also used a drug book to fill out all of the info, and I would definitely recommend doing that or using the internet to find everything. Good luck!!!
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    Hi nurselaur1
    i am taking the exam on the 20th which drug book are you using for practice I am a emergency room nurse I have never done PICU.

    thank you for responding
    i appreciate it

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    Hi Anna, I used the Davis Drug Guide for Nurses. From what people have been saying I think it will be easier than we are expecting. It's hard not knowing what to expect!
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    Hi Nurselaur1
    i hope it's an easy exam but I am very nervous at the same time. I have had a few coworkers who work at NYP have different feedback nothing that has consoled me.
    when are you taking your exam?


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