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Hello fellow nurses, I am a new hire at New York Presbyterian Columbia in the ER and am scheduled to take their NLN Pharm exam. Is there anyone out there who can give me tips? They only provided me with 5 sample questions and... Read More

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    Quote from 1CLASSYRN
    Thanks a bunch. I actually did not pass by 2 questions!!! However they give you an assessment of the questions you get right and wrong. The nurse educator told me to go over it and I should do fine the second time. I was bummed but got over it quickly!!! I have a great opportunity and am taking advantage!!!!! Thanks
    Hi 1classyrn, I failed my first time around this past week and i got the same papers you got as well and i just wanted to know if the test were similar or the same and is studying just the sheets enough or should i get some other things as well to review??

    Thank you

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    just study the sheets... you will be fine....
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    Hi everyone,
    I would like to know what to study on their pharm there a study guide now.what can you recommend.what type of test.
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    How similar was the "actual exam" to the $10 NLN exam they tell you to buy?

    Is the $10 NLN exam exactly like the actual exam?

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    1classyrn, i'm taking the NYP pharm exam in 3 days. Is there suppose to be sheet of meds i should know?? is it possible that you share that sheet? my email is
    I really need to pass this pharm exam in order to do my preceptorship there. thank you so much in advance!
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    has anyone taken the NYP pharm exam recently? I am trying to study and getting very worried and concerned I might fail. How similar is the NLN exam to the actual exam? and the Practice test that they give you by e-mail to the actual exam?

    and if you fail is the second test the same questions as the first test?
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    did any one take the NYP Pharm exam I am about to take it and very nervous. How did you study? What if I fail??

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