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    Hey guys, I'm getting kinda of hopeless. Graduated in May 2012 and got my License in JULY, been applying to a lot of hospitals. Its been about 5 months, anyone know any hospitals that would take a New Grad? I'm getting very anxious

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    I am in the exact same position.... graduated in May, license in June... it's terrible!
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    I know, I just to hear some hope, just to know that it can be done.
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    May I ask, Is it really hard to apply for a job as a nurse in NY? Do they require nurses with hospital experiences, if so, what is the minimum number of years?thanks!
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    Yes. It's INSANELY HARD!!! Unless your BFF with a nurse on a unit who wants to hand your resume to her nurse manager and they call you the next day (that is how my friend got her job 2 weeks after she passed NCLEX!!!!) ... not all of them say they require experience but I think there must be hundreds of other nurses out of work applying for the same jobs so they are picking the more experienced people over the new grads. Plus, because the economy, many of the hospitals that have special new grad programs aren't having them because they can't afford it.
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    I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! Graduated in may also, on top of that I only got my ADN not BSN. its so frustrating!!!! theres nothing!!!
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    I am in the same boat right there with you. It's getting harder and harder to stay positive. I heard that a lot of places hire in January because that's when they find out their yearly budget... don't know how true that is or not, or if the person was just trying to make me feel better...
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    Nurses with experience will be priority, but do not lose hope. I have two friends with associates, no prior nursing experience and both landed jobs at a city hospital. It took them between 4-6 months till they got hired. One of them got a position in the emergency room and the other on a med-surg floor. So it is possible.
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    It all depends on luck it seems. Nurses with Associated DO get jobs, especially if enrolled in a BSN program. BSN grads with no job experience at all (not even as baristas) get jobs too faster than some with health and nursing experience. Apply a lot and you may get luck and get an interview but be aware that recruiters are swamped with resumes and I heard even having a great interview does not guarantee anything (danger of the paperwork getting lost in the piles of applications! Eek or waiting a long time between interview and being hired). I am working in homecare right now for past almost 6 months, my first RN job. Nothing from the hospitals yet and I took and passed NCLEX March 2012 (graduated Jan 2012). Good luck!
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    Yes, it is possible to get a job as a new grad. It just takes time, unfortunately. I graduated last December, got my license in February, and I finally start my first job in 2 weeks. I have 12 years as a paramedic and even that did not help the process until I found a manager who is willing to look at new grads. During the interview, she admitted that most managers see new grads and rule them out immediately. But, she also said she and a few others will look at the whole application before they make that decision. Fortunately, I stuck it out until I found her, now I'm going straight to an ICU. You just have to make sure you find the ones who will look and not give up until you do.

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