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Hey guys, I'm getting kinda of hopeless. Graduated in May 2012 and got my License in JULY, been applying to a lot of hospitals. Its been about 5 months, anyone know any hospitals that would take a New Grad? I'm getting very... Read More

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    Hey NY RNs! I'm was wondering how the job market in NY both down and up state is like at this time? I've done some researching from past threads over years ago about this but would like a current status on the overall market there nowadays. I'm looking into jobs there in NY coming from CA (San Francisco Bay Area) and the job market here is a nightmare compared to the rest of the country for us new grads! I'll be coming out straight with BSN (not ADN) with 0 zip zilch experience! I've got family who live in Nanuet too and I've visited NY. Fell in love with the area. All comments and help much appreciated!

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    Hi Solidus,
    NYC is very difficult in terms of new grad RN jobs even if you have a BSN, as lots of BSN grads are still unemployed in Nursing. Most places require experience or knowing someone that works in the hospital. You can try non profit agencies (substance use programs, mental health prorgams, social service agencies, child care agencies, etc), school nursing, or insurance companies as they hire RNs including new grads. There is better luck there than in hospitals. However if you want hospital jobs definitely look Upstate such as Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester areas (5 to 8 hours from Nyc) or Albany (3 hours from Nyc), they hire new grads quickly and no experience required.
    My advice is don't move to NY until you have a job here because unless you apply Upstate it will many months to get interviews and a job, unless you have experience or connections. It definitely helps if your family members lets you live with them until you start getting paid and you get a non-nursing job to make money in the meantime.
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