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Need a nclex-pn study partner/group

  1. 0 Hey guys... I know this may sound crazy but i graduated 5yrs ago and i am now ready to take the nclex-pn exam... I took the exam right after graduating and never passed... I studied my butt off, i used kaplan, lippincot, mosby & saunders books to study... I felt as though i knew each books word for word...i was confident on the day of testing and couldn't wait for my results.. But i failed and by failing that really made me feel so depressed that i didn't want to retest... Is there any meet-up groups/classes in nyc that i can meet up with?? Please help!!!
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    try ati it is a study aide they have a virtual tutor
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    Quote from g8sushma
    try ati it is a study aide they have a virtual tutor
    Thanks I will look it up...
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    Hi did you end up taking the nclex yet? I graduated a year ago and i failed the first time and i'm retaking it this weekend. So nervous.. what have you been studying?
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    I also agree. Although may be pricey.. the virtual ati is the best. Hoping to NCLEX in February so far.. its helping