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Hi everyone, I know it's very late, but I just submitted my applications to both the NCC part-time evening program as well as the full-time day program. How long after you submitted your application... Read More

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    Doubletrouble2, wow a 3.95? That is awesome!!! I have taken mostly everything including electives, just missing AP 2, which I'm registered for this fall and micro I'm going to try for spring 2013. And I did not know that Nassau sometimes does not offer evening program for spring. That stinks. Goodluck with everything, I'm sure you will do excellent!

    FYI: if anyone is interested in a 3 year bachelor program, they are going to offer this at Farmingdale starting Jan 2013. Only problem is that Farmingdale does not offfer an Evening program, so its a no go for me.

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    Adi, Did you apply for day or evening?
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    felicianursetobe, I believe on my application I put both day and evening, so I am not sure which program I was tentitively accepted in. I am hoping and praying its the day however at this point and time I will be happy to take any of the seats. If I am accepted in the day I will like to be in the C block. I will find out on Tuesday 22nd.
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    Please let me know how your interview went on Monday 21, I am so nervous.
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    i have been "tentatively" accepted upon interview to the ncc nursing program in the fall 2012. i actually lost that letter. does anyone else have an interview tomorrow at 10:30? and if you do, do you know where??? my letter also didn't indicate if it was the day or evening program. i also have work at the interview longer than an hour?? thanks for your anticipated help!
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    I also have an interview tomorrow at 10:30, Bldg V, room 215. did you apply for day or evening. Well hopefully I will see you there try not to be late.
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    Is there anyone that had an interview today Monday 21st that can give me some details on what to expect at the interview. Thank you.
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    Adi1....I applied for the day..but unfortunately I can't do day anymore because I just accepted a job offer. And I don't even know if I can do nights because this new job requires me to work until 8pm on Tuesdays. So I'm not sure what to do. I don't know if I should show up for the interview or if I should email the lady that was on the letter. Unfortuntaly I lost my letter, so i'm not sure of the lady's email. What did you apply for day or evening?
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    I believe i apply to both, but i am really hoping to get the day program because i live in brooklyn. I think you should go anyhow, I know they have different time and schedules. Classes does not start until sept 4th so you have some time to speak with you boss. This is an opportunity you donot want to turn because nursing programs are very hard to get in and besides you dont want to regret it in the future. I honestly believe you should go to the interview and see what they say.
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    Okay, I guess you are right I should go. I will be there then and see what they say. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! see you there tomorrow!

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