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Hi everyone, I know it's very late, but I just submitted my applications to both the NCC part-time evening program as well as the full-time day program. How long after you submitted your application... Read More

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    Please let me know how your interview went on Monday 21, I am so nervous.
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    i have been "tentatively" accepted upon interview to the ncc nursing program in the fall 2012. i actually lost that letter. does anyone else have an interview tomorrow at 10:30? and if you do, do you know where??? my letter also didn't indicate if it was the day or evening program. i also have work at the interview longer than an hour?? thanks for your anticipated help!
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    I also have an interview tomorrow at 10:30, Bldg V, room 215. did you apply for day or evening. Well hopefully I will see you there try not to be late.
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    Is there anyone that had an interview today Monday 21st that can give me some details on what to expect at the interview. Thank you.
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    Adi1....I applied for the day..but unfortunately I can't do day anymore because I just accepted a job offer. And I don't even know if I can do nights because this new job requires me to work until 8pm on Tuesdays. So I'm not sure what to do. I don't know if I should show up for the interview or if I should email the lady that was on the letter. Unfortuntaly I lost my letter, so i'm not sure of the lady's email. What did you apply for day or evening?
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    I believe i apply to both, but i am really hoping to get the day program because i live in brooklyn. I think you should go anyhow, I know they have different time and schedules. Classes does not start until sept 4th so you have some time to speak with you boss. This is an opportunity you donot want to turn because nursing programs are very hard to get in and besides you dont want to regret it in the future. I honestly believe you should go to the interview and see what they say.
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    Okay, I guess you are right I should go. I will be there then and see what they say. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! see you there tomorrow!
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    I have yet to receive a decision. Have you all heard about if you've gotten in or not???
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    Mindylane..yes I got into the program for the fall. I had an interview today. However, I don't think i'll be able to do it this semester. was it today for you? Did you get into the block that you wanted? I got block B.
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    cpnessa09, Yes i got into block B3 ( thank god) and I was told that i was also Farmindale elgible. But i was told that other ppl has been asking to switch and they said that ppl can make a swap at orientation, because there are some ppl now that are interested in the day that was accepted in the night. Don't give up just yet.

    I am so thankful for my acceptance.
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    I am officially in the program for the Fall 2012 class. There were some ppl that i believe did not show up and other that can not no longer attend. so may be you should try and contact the nursing dept or go up there if you are really interested being that their might be open seats. you never know. Good luck
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    Ady1..i havent given up hope yet. I might actually attend because people are advising me to go to school. I did ask about switching but they said yes at orientation you can but the lady told me that I can't switch to night. But you know some people that want day now? Hmm... Also yes they did tell me that i was farmingdale eligible too. what does that mean though???
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    cpnessa09, I believe she said that you can take BSN courses while your in NCC completing your ASN and once finish you can go right into farmingdale with out applying. She also mention that they will send out a letter with further details.