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Looking for anyone who is applying to NCC for Spring / January start ( or anyone else on the road to applying) who wants others in the same situation to go through the process with.... Read More

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    Congrats as well doubletrouble2, I am not sure whether I am accepted in the day or evening program. My letter did not specify. Did your letter mention whether it is day or evening? What time is your interview.

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    I'm in the eve program at the moment and the schedule is mostly 5:30Pm to 9:20Pm some night for lab & lecture and 6-10:30Pm for clinical for 4 nights a week. Some clinical nights we needed to stay longer to finish up meds. Definitely give yourself time to write papers. Some of my papers took 8 hours or longer to do but you have usually week to do it. Studying takes up a lot of your time and you need to be accessible to the internet to check emails or newly posted info on blackboard. Your schedule sounds grueling. I hope you'll be able to get enough sleep cause that's important too.

    You can get your physical anywhere just make sure your physician fills it out properly or you'll have to make another trip back to the doctor's office. You'll need to contact the health services department regarding immunizations but the health form should list all the immunizations you need to get or at least proof that you've had them.

    You'll need to check with the nursing department to see if eve classes are offered the semester you are applying. They do not always have eve classes because there may not be enough money or professors. Good luck! Hope this helps!
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    Any has any words of advice/tips/tricks for nur203? Also, do they start clinicals right away in 203 as they do in 105?
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    Hi Millijs!! Glad to hear you've come this far. . Yes, you will start clinical immediately! Tips / tricks/ advise = exam I was alot of Psych. Try to UNDERSTAND the concepts.. more than just memorize the material.
    Don't postpone the skills - there are a few complicated ones .. so practice alot, and get them out of the way so you can focus on the exams. ( you can look at some of the skills on ATI)

    Do you know who your professors are? or which hospital(s) you are going to?

    Try to find your group for the teaching project right away .. And make sure they are all reliable so you don't wind up doing the extra work.

    Be sure to follow the rubric precisely on your concept maps .. so you pass them right away.

    and. PM if you need any more details.
    =Dog Mom
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    does anyone know how the interview works?
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    I just got my acceptance letter today, pending an interview on 5/20. Don't worry about the interview it's nothing crazy. I know a few people that I work with who got in for the Jan '13 class and they said it was more like an orientation. They explain the program, ask you to define a few simple words, write a little essay then they give you you packet which contains your schedule and all the requirements. Good Luck and don't worry!!

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