montefiore, 1199, benefits, base salary, etc

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me about montefiore, the base salary, night diff, bsn diff, benefits etc for the 1199 hospitals. THANKS
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    I am curious to know as well....
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    Did you hear anything new on all this?
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    any new info on this, I'm curious to know the base salary as I'm interviewing with them currently
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    Got hired there. its 38.50 per hour
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    Hey mikenice799. I have an interview with a Montefiore recruiter soon. I was wondering if you went through this process as well. If you could mention it here or pm me that would be great!
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    Hey Xlauren8dx i cant private msg cause i haven't submitted enough posts. But here is some of what I can share about the process at Monte. Iinterviewed with the nurse manager first. Questions she asked were 1- Speaking about times you had to deal with conflict, 2- why nursing ( popular question) 3- what do i do when i first walk into a patients room- what is my thinking and process of prioritizing care. 4- most challenging clinical experience, 5 - describe a time you gave above and beyond care to a patient. That's all i can think of now. The med test is given with the recruiter not the nurse manager and it is fairly easy just basic dosage calculation with some basic medication administration questions. like 5 rights etc stuff like that.
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    Thanks for responding! I actually had the interview with the recruiter and nurse manager. It went really well, and now Im in the process of being hired!!!! Im super excited to start orientation next month. I am also on a med surg floor too!!!!!! Are you in the Moses or Einstein campus?
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    I'm going to be interviewing at Montefiore soon. Just curious if the $38.50 included night differential?
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    im at Einstein
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    does not include nights

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