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  1. 0 I have been looking for Agency jobs doing homecare, Doctor's office jobs and even visiting nurse to work in but I have no luck. I'm a LPN and have been in the homecare for almost 3 years now, why is it so hard to find a job that pays well.

    Lately I see pay for LPNs even working with Agencies at $17.00-$21.00... Why is that rate even allowed in NYC as a nurse? Can anyone direct me to a legitimate Agency for visiting nurse, homecare and or Doctor's Office in NYC (Brooklyn, Manhattan area) that pays LPN more than the above rate mentioned.
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    Where in NY are you located ? Upstate or within the 5 boroughs
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    Not sure where you are located in NY, but the city hospitals hire LPNs and my friend works as an LPN at an outpatient clinic at Harlem Hospital.
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    Ah, just saw where you specified NYC, sorry I missed that. I would check HHC openings frequently as they update their postings daily. Good luck!!
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    Have you tried white glove agency or horizon which is in Long Island. They place LPNs in the areas you're asking about. Also check indeed.com and Craigslist

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