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  1. 0 HeyThey appear to be in the middle of an open house for RNs. The second and last day it will be held is this upcoming Friday. The first meeting was this past Monday the 6th.Anyone here attend, or heard any good news.
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    I attended and it went pretty well, but you never know. Im just praying they call back
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    Hey yes I went on Monday as well. It went ok. But you never know.
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    Do you have experience? because they seem to really like it when we do even if it is a little bit
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    I do have experience and I met the manager on the unit. But you never know. I learned to take things a day at a time and keep applying.
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    Me too! I feel like in the beginning when looking it's easy to get overzealous but patience and acceptance of the outcome is key
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    Exactly. I hope we get the call! I'm just so nervous and tired of having to constantly go on interviews. Let's keep each other posted.
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    yeah sure , let's keep each other posted
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    I received the good news yesterday! I got it! I'm so happy and a tinge nervous as I must adapt to a new hospital system. I can PM more details if you like.Wish you the best!
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    Yayyyy so happy for you! yes please PM me if possible. Enjoy your new job! Best of luck with your career there and keep me posted
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    I think I got it too!!!! PM me I might see you very soon, Bjorklover!
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    Yah!!! Very cool. Ok I'll try PM I've been having issues with it
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    Hey are you guys new grads? I missed the open house and been applying like crazy. I thought it would of been a bit easy being that I did my preceptorship there.

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