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hi all, does anyone have any recent information regarding lenox hill hospital, nyc (upper east side)? if anyone has been through the hiring process recently, since north shore lij acquired lenox hill, could you please shed... Read More

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    i think it was about a week... i think... i really don't remember. what unit did you interview for?

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    Its a critical care unit. I'd rather not get specific. I guess I'm going to wait about a week to call back.. However, LHH has been professional and great about working in a timely fashion in regards to moving the process along, so hopefully I will hear from them soon. In the meantime I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :spin: !!
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    Mehr, what happened with Methodist? I thought that you were going there.
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    Hi Shelskyrn2010,

    I decided to turn down Methodist. I was informed by many, including the VP, that financially Methodist was doing very poorly. Additionally, Methodist's administration was somewhat unprofessional. As well, I was being provided with other opportunities that I did not want to turn down. I also have prior healthcare experience as well, in the related field, and Methodist ultimately did not seem like it would be able to provide me the right opportunities to grow.
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    Thanks for the update. Keep your fingers crossed. You will get what you want.
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    Hi, I was wondering have anyone had a second round interview with a group of panel at Lenox Hill before. What should you expect for the interview.
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    Practice behavioral questions and be confident!
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    Hi nursingyou22,
    The panel interview can be a bit scary (well it was for me at least lol)..practice some behavioral questions like: what would you do if you saw a coworker doing something wrong? Name a time when you were in a high pressure situation and how you dealt with it. Etc. They can also ask you about the expriences that are listed on your resume. It was like any other nursing interview, just with multiple interviewers. This was my first panel interview ever and I felt so anxious going in...Try your best to be confident! Good luck!
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    Cpngratulations on getting into the ED at lennox hill through their fellowship program.
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    Those who have received an interview at Lenox Hill (I know Mehr said she had a background of exp); but has anyone had luck with any hospitals in NY without experience as an RN, but holds a BSN and an internship/nursing aid experience out of NYC? I cannot seem to land an interview. Does anybody have any tips for new grads ?

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