Kingsborough Nursing Fall Semester 2012 - page 8

Did anyone take the NLN pre entrance examination this passed week at Kingsborough College?... Read More

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    I took bio12 before the NLN .. It helped, but I mainly took it early because I did not want to take it with nursing classes. Sci25 is a great class it helps you in learning to start thinking critically. I had an awesome professor, hope you enjoy the class and good luck =]
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    Hey guys,

    I'm a new nursing student in KBCC. I was wondering, will we eventually get to do our clinicals in a hospital?

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    Hi! I was a student at KBCC and tranferred out got my Ba and just returned after 6 years, got accepted to preclinical and will be starting in spring 2015, my GPA is 2.8 but prerequisites were 3.7

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