Kingsborough Nursing Fall Semester 2012 - page 6

Did anyone take the NLN pre entrance examination this passed week at Kingsborough College?... Read More

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    Lots of homework. just picked mine up.

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    Yeah, It is. There goes our summer. I have my CPR/BLS from American Red Cross and they won't accept it. It has to be American Heart Association. Do you guys know of any place other than amazon to get cheap textbooks. For Nur18 we need almost 7 books. :-/
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    congrats to whoever made the thinking of applying but I took all my prerequisites in Seattle..Do they try to take students who did their prereqs at Kingsborough.

    ALso what is the average GPA they consider and what test do you need to take.I took the HESI and TEAS in Seattle..Thanks for any info.
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    They do take accept transfer credits. However you have to take the course Science 25 which is a Kingsborough specific course before you can apply to the clinical portion of the nursing program.

    They also require you to take the NLN exam. The tests you took may help but I'm not sure.

    I would say the avg GPA they consider is around a 3.0. They also accepted a lot of students this year conditionally who had poorer grades.

    Best of luck.
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    thanks for your response.They really accepted 3.0??Ive applied to 5 different schools in WA., and have been rejected from all.I have a 3.7 and 90 on the HESI..Its just not good enough to get in anywhere here.

    im originally from NY so thought i would come back,but I would have to become a state resident again..

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    They look at your GPA in 2 ways. Your overall GPA and then your GPA in the specific prerequisites for the program: English 1, Psych 1, Anatomy & Physiology 1, and Science 25. You probably want around a 3.0 overall but closer to a 3.5 in the prereqs.

    There is no base NLN score you need to get to be considered. Your score is weighed against all the other applicatns. So say for example if this semester a 130 was a strong score but next semester a lot of people scored in the 140s/150s then that 130 doesn't hold up as well. Or it can swing the opposite way.

    There's a lot of good schools in NY.
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    hey guys i will be applying for preclinicals this fall at kbcc and I need an A in a&p is it very hard????
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    HI guys,

    I also forgot to ask what would one recommend as far as the amount of credits that should be taken while taking A&P any ideas would very much appreciated.
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    can anyone tell me how many credits should be taken with A&P at kbcc
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    Hey Mikey, Thanks for all the info- you've been a great help on this board.

    I direct transferred to City Tech this semester, but good luck to you all!!!

    I didn't find A&P 1 hard, but I took good notes and didn't text during class like almost everyone that ended up dropping the class did. If you pay attention, you will get an A, even with Professor Ho. There are no surprises on his exams; everything that is on them was covered in class. You'll take the other prereqs- Eng 12 and Psy 11... Sci 25 isn't until next semester after you change curriculums.

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