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Did anyone take the NLN pre entrance examination this passed week at Kingsborough College?... Read More

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    Hey I checked that CunyFirst My Academics again and now it says.

    Major - Liberal Arts AA
    Concentration - LIBART-General Liberal Arts

    But my transcripts list me as a Nursing Major. I don't know and now I'm worried. Maybe I didn't get in.
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    Disregard last post. I just checked my mail I got my letter of acceptance. /joy See you guys August 29th for orientation.
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    I got my acceptance letter in the mail today!
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    Don' worry!
    Mine currently says the following:

    My Program:
    Institution - Kingsborough Community College
    Career - Undergraduate Kingsborough CC
    Program - Undergraduate
    Major - Liberal Arts AA
    Concentration - LIBART-General Liberal Arts

    It was saying concentration Nursing 1 before, and now it changed to liberal arts. I got my acceptance letter in the mail though. Another weird thing is that I have over 45 credits, but My registration appointment says august 15th????
    Since I have priority registering because of my credit count, and since registration is supposed to begin on July 23rd, I don't understand why I wolud get such a late registration date. i'm hoping its error and that its just because they're still working out all of the kinks in the new system.

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    Congratulations bklynrnwinning! If you read the letter we already have homework! Blech
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    Just received my acceptance letter :-) congratulations everyone. See you aug 29th.
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    Hey did any of you guys take a CPR/BLS class yet? I wac thinking of doing it at the American Red Cross, but they're so expensive! Where did/will you guys take yours?

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    I got my letter !!! see you guys aug 29th!! congrats everyone!!
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    just came from work and got my acceptance letter. Took me twenty minutes to work up the nerve to open it lol. See everyone august 29th!!!!!!!