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Jobs in new York

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    is there any job available here in NYC for newly licensed nurses?
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    Yes there are.
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    I'm also interested where...
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    If one works with the theory that only a small (perhaps very small) percentage of licensed nurses and students post much less read AN, then the smattering of posts from those who have landed gigs would indicate some hiring is going on at NYC and surrounding area facilities.

    Right now is almost happy hunting season for hospitals and anyone else hiring as supply still out numbers demand. It has only been about two years since we lost Saint Vinny's and North General in Harlem, Peninsula hospital just closed and they followed the five or so more places that closed less than five years before (Cabrini, Mary Immaculate, St. John's, etc...), then there are the nursing homes.... The other shoe waiting to drop is what is going to happen with several Brooklyn hospitals. Given that situation and again if history is any guide nurses who can leave for a more stable employment are doing so, this puts yet more experienced nurses applying/taking job openings

    Added to all this there hasn't been any let up in applicants and grads from NYS/NYC nursing programs. Like clockwork every six or twelve months scores of new grads are licensed and hit the streets looking for work. This includes an ever increasing number of newly minted BSN nurses from ABSN programs which fits into the hiring wishes for some places ( BSN only or perferred).
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    Thats not even counting the layoffs at NUMC.
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    Quote from FreestylePete
    Thats not even counting the layoffs at NUMC.
    Wasn't NUMC supposed to merge or be purchased by NS-LIJ?
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    Yes they are still in the process of it but in the mean time they are transforming it from a larger community hospital to a smaller county hospital.