Is there still hope getting into LAGCC's RN program with a C & B+ in 2 key courses??

  1. Hello everyone. I am lost, depressed, hopeless & need your advice. I currently go to LaGuardia Community College as a pre-nursing student. I just finished up my first session with 1.9 GPA, which I am definitely not happy about . I got a B+ in english composition 1 & a C in general psychology which are 2 of the 5 key courses to be admitted in the nursing program. I was trying to get permission to re-take psychology to get an A but was denied because I already have a passing grade. In addition I barely passed statistics & urban sociology with a D in both classes. Luckily I am granted permission to re-take statistics. I don't think I'll take sociology over as it is no longer in needed for my degree. I spoke to a lady who works in the nursing office & was told that I must get an A in all my classes if I want to get accepted into the RN program. The lady stressed that the nursing program is extremely competitive & there is no way I can get into the RN program with a C but I might be able to get into the LPN program. I will admit that I am extremely crushed by hearing that because I wanted to go straight in the RN so badly. I'm not sure what to do & I can't stop beating myself up for not trying harder to get better grades. I just want to be a RN, get my BSN & get everything over with. Has anyone been in the same boat as me? Please tell me what you did & how did you cope with the news? I am really stressed out about this crying & everything . I would really appreciate your help & would like to thank everyone in advance

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  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Whomever gave you advice from LAGCC's nursing program's office is right on the money.

    CUNY programs all over the city like many private and SUNY schools have vastly more applicants than open slots. More to the point it seems there are large numbers of persons seeking entry with GPAs >3.0 or even >3.5. Quite honestly unless something happens that causes demand to fall off a cliff, "C" students don't stand a chance of entry regardless of what minimums are written on paper.

    Your particular situation is difficult. At 1.9 GPA it is going to take *many* A grades to lift that average anywhere near 3.0, much less 4.0. If I have read your post correctly you have three out of the five pre-nursing classes still to take? You are going to need to ace those courses and get A grades to bring your GPA up to around 3.4 (assuming one did the math correctly and these are all three credit classes), which is not shabby, but may not get you where you want to be.

    Favourite ploy during my college days when a grade wasn't where it should have been was to ask the instructor if "extra work" could be submitted and have that factored into a change of grade. Sometimes this worked but today not sure if colleges still allow professors to do it. In my day grade changes had to have the approval of the department chairperson and they weren't always ready to play ball. However you could try. If you could get that B+ in English up to an A it would help again providing you ace the remaining courses.

    Now here comes the tough love:

    Have said this before. While your desire to become an RN is admirable for some persons it just isn't academically possible at this stage of some people's lives.

    Pre-nursing is probably the easy part of nursing school, it only gets much harder once one is admitted and schools have been ratching up retention standards. You've already received permission to use one of your repeat options. If taken up that means you have one or none left, and that means you have to pass every single course in the nursing program (if admitted) with grades high enough to keep your GPA where it needs to be for retention. In short in addition to the normal stress of nursing school you may be constantly worried about grades and your GPA. Knowing that just one mark below B- could have you out.

    Even upon graduating there is the NCLEX to deal with then numerous exams hospitals now give all nurses applying for employment. In short it never ends.

    If you consider going the LPN route it may be possible to find an LPN to RN bridge program that will be bit more forgiving of your previous undergraduate GPA.
  4. by   MisaMisa
    Thank you so much for your advice. It was really appreciated. The nursing program did state that I can do the LPN & bridge to the RN program. Unfortunately my professors did not allow me to submit extra credit to raise my grade. I did get to repeat my math & sociology class which I will be retaking over the summer. I also know that I have a lot of work to do in order to raise my grade but I am ready for the challenge. I feel like nursing is something I want to do. I will not give up hope & work really hard for what I want. I won't stress no more nor cry. I am going to show everyone that I can make it even if it kills me. It's the people like you here at all nurses that keeps me motivated as well as my friends & family who's there for me every step of the way. Thanks again for your advice. God bless
  5. by   Inori
    Step back and take a look at your situation. Why did you get low grades? What will you do differently? How can you ensure the 2nd time will be success?

    sigh well you're options are really limited because even with LPN a key course prereq with a C may not cut it as that too is very competitive. At this point do your best to try to get into to the LPN at lagcc and if not then transfer to another community college that has nursing and redo your prereqs there. Study early and study hard .. you must get all A's in the rest of prereqs. Good luck. Get your transfer paper works ready so if you dont get in lagcc you can move on
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  6. by   MisaMisa
    Thank you Inori. I will do just that! I am also thinking of a back-up major in case I'm denied into the nursing program. Either way I'm not givivng up!!!
  7. by   Jepaly
    Does anyone know if a 3.5 gpa is possible to get into the RN program? I was doing really well until I got a B in chemistry and a B in anatomy. We find out next month, I just want to be mentally prepared. This was my worst semester and my gpa really went down.
  8. by   nycstudent22
    I'm sorry, but not a chance in hell. They turned me away with all A's and one B in the key courses for a gpa of 3.7. Not to mention my cumulative gpa was 3.9 including all the classes I took besides the key courses.

    Your best bet is to transfer and have them not transfer those key courses in one of the other cuny's like QCC.