is there hope for me to be accepted at NYU?

  1. I am currently finishing up my BS in sociology at ECU I graduate in December. Unfortunately my GPA will be no higher than a 2.6 or so. Due to my pass laziness. I strive to become a nurse and althourgh out college I have been taking the prerequisites so I have most . Yet I see that nyu transfers are not. Required to do prerequisites so I am happy I'm applying today!!! But I'm afraid my GPA will cause rejection do y'all think I have a shot? And also could I get fin aid? If I add them to my fasfa and I have also already excepted loans for the 2011-2012 school year Help me please
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  3. by   soraji
    What were your grades in your pre-reqs? Also, did your grades start off poorly and get better as you got closer to graduation? Some people have rough freshman GPAs, but pull it up later and that shows initiative. I heard your GPA matters most in regard to your pre-req classes.
  4. by   hopefulnyunurse
    all c's and a B in chem and a D in a&p part II no micro no nutrition is there any where that can accept im in the spring
  5. by   ExpatHopeful
    I wouldn't be too concerned about your overall gpa but the D in A&P will not be okay. I would call the office of admissions and discuss it with them. I'm 95% sure they will want you to repeat A&P to get at least a C. As to whether they accept you and then let you repeat it, or want you to repeat it first I don't know. Another reason to repeat it is that when you graduate and are looking for your first RN job some hospitals require a grade of B or better in all science prerequisites and nursing classes.

    As to your financial aid question you will have to add NYU to your Fafsa and see what you get. NYU is expensive but most (all?) nursing students get a $2,500/semester nursing student grant and then you can get federal loans depending on what you qualify for.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Mindylane
    Honestly, I don't think that you'll be able to get in with those qualifications. All nursing programs are very competitive, and they will have many, many applicants with much better grades. I mean, how are your letters and personal statement? Those play a big role, as well, but I don't think a 2.6 GPA is going to help very much.
  7. by   kika72
    It's gonna be tough with those grades, especially the D in A&P. Nursing programs are extremely competitive and many can pick and choose between highly qualified candidates. It is not unusual to have applications with GPA ranging from 3.7 to 4.0.
    I would definitely retake A&P and try to get excellent grades in the rest of your prerequisites.

    It is true that many hospitals look at your science and nursing grades, but I never heard it has to be at least a B! I knew that many don't entertain a grade of C but anything with a B- or better especially when applying for your student nurse externship....but I could be wrong! I have a few friends though who are RNs and I know for a fact that they had a grade of B- and sometime even a C and found excellent jobs in major hospitals in the city.
  8. by   ExpatHopeful
    NYU medical center claims to require a B or better in all nursing and science prereqs fyi. They also have a 3.5 gpa cut off for new grad hires.

    I am sure that there are great jobs to be had for RNs of all gpas. I was only trying to point out that grades don't just matter in terms of getting into nursing school, they will also affect your job search latter on.
  9. by   kika72
    Ouch...I did not know this Expat! I better get to work then because I've been doing ok in all my pre-reqs besides chemistry where I got a B-
    I'm starting my clinicals this fall (next week!) at NYU and I really hope I will survive this semester! Do you suggest I retake chemistry and get a better grade or maybe just focus on the nursing credits?
    I have been taking all my pre-reqs at NYU and last semester I had 5 classes. It was a little too much and I knew that something would have fallen in between the cracks and it happened to be chemistry!
    I wanted to retake it this semester but I already have a full week with 5 classes and clinicals, plus a husband and 2 small children..

    Hopefully this B- won't hunt me in the future!!
  10. by   Mindylane
    I have a B- in Biology, so I'm hoping that we'll be ok!
  11. by   VanessaFL2NYC
    Hi guys,

    Hoping you could give me some insight here's my story
    80 credits, just changed majors, only have micro and stats left.
    over 3.3 GPA including an intro to bio i never dropped and ended up w/ an F. All other classes are a's n b's.
    Great letters of recommendations from my 2 very good friends ( one doctor one lawyer)
    Volunteering at children s hospital next month.

    Dilemma: retake intro to get rid of the F? Finish pre req? Or just apply? I would do anything to get into NYU.