Interview Process at Strong Hospital, Rochester

  1. Good evening,

    Long time reader, first time poster. I'm a new ADN graduate currently living in New York City. My wife is also a new graduate (though not a nurse), and we're relocating to Rochester for her work. In preparation for the move, I've applied to...well, every hospital in the Rochester area. Given the current NYC market, I was rather shocked when University of Rochester's Strong Hospital called me the very next day after applying!

    I'm going to up Rochester next week for two shadow experiences with a "short recruitment interview" following. I'm curious if anyone, either a new Strong nurse or an experienced Strong nurse, could tell me what to expect in terms of the shadow, the interview, and the application process in general. Is it a long process? Should I tell my poor car, Matilda VonChevy, to expect many trips to-and-fro? What is it like working there, from a new grad aspect? Really, any information about the hiring and working would be welcome. Thanks!
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  3. by   jenn8500
    Just wondering how your shadow experience and interview went at Strong Memorial. I shadowed there and have to go back again for another interview. I also have to drive quite a distance and my next interview will be my third trip! It does seem like a very good hospital though.
  4. by   NedAboutRN
    Hello there, Jenn!

    The shadows went very well, fortunately! I shadowed both 7-34 (Heart Transplant) and 7-14 (Cardiac/Vascular Surgery), did my interviews while I was there, and a few days later I received an offer for the CV unit--which I accepted. I then had to return a week later for physical/drug testing and a pharmacology test. I can't imagine you had to interview three times! Why? How did it work out?

    Hope everything went well and you found a great unit!
  5. by   bigworld
    I know it has been a while, but wanted to bump the thread and find out how things are going up at Strong??
  6. by   appleman
    How are things at strong memorial hospital . ? How was the job shadowing!? is the thread still active
  7. by   jegrant0606
    Hey, anyone who works at strong memorial hospital can you give me info on the starting salary for new grads,parking fees, and orientation process? Also for the shadow is it a hands-on experience?
  8. by   DoingGodsWork
    Hi, I just had a shadow experience at Strong Memorial Hospital. I too am from NYC. It was not hands on, as you don't have any credentials on file there, you will not be required to do anything except watch. Ask as many questions as you can without being to too pushy with the staff. They are all very nice and informative.
  9. by   bella14k
    For those of you ADN grads who were accepted for an interview at Strong Memorial, where did you go to school?