HHC Woodhull Hospital RNs?

  1. I will be interviewing with Woodhull Hospital on friday, for a job in psych. I wanted some feedback from anyone who has worked there or is currently working there. How is the parking situation over there? When does your health coverage start? Should I brush up on my spanish, since a lot of spanish speaking ppl live in the area? Or any random comment will do fine, I just want to hear what others have to say about this institution.
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  3. by   Dionyonce
    Oh Gosh..i work at Woodhull...its def mexicans and pueto ricans...um Psych..not crazy about it...The Nursing Office is *******..im sorry...all the nice people left there. Ur gonna deal with a lo of rude stuck up Nursing Directors....um parking is cool...no problems there. u know he saying..too much females is a nono...
  4. by   tern
    Hi I worked at Woodhull a few years ago in psych, not to bad but the other post was right about the nursing office, and the rude Nursing Directors. I was thingking about going back when i got a call from a recruiter who was so rude, I was trying to figure out why she called me. She had my info in front of her and said "oh you work at cornell now, maybe you didn't like the patients, so is that y u left. i decided not to answer her and hung up the fone." The benefits start the day of hire once ur a nurse and they have 12hr shifts now. When i was there i had 8 hr shifts. I have friends who still work there but i love it here at New York Presbyterian/Cornell the people are nice the benefits are good and being in the city is great. I recently applied for hospital housing so I could live closer to work and besides I always wanted to live in the city.
  5. by   Bklyn_RN
    Thanks to both responses thus far. I am thrilled to get whatever info I can. I went to the interview and was hired on the spot. I don't have psych experience but my med/surg experience is what they say they are looking for in their psych RNs, plus there will be a 6-8 weeks training.
    Everyone I dealt with thus far was especially nice. Hope its not fake. I was given all the benefits material and was somewhat disappointed that their tuition reimbursement is all of $2000. I expected better from the city. Also they do not have 12hrs on psych anymore they DC'd it. I don't mind, I will be working the day shift, 8hrs. The hospital is huge, it seemed like it takes patient care seriously. I like that, since it means my license would not be in jeopardy. I think I will like it at Woodhull, I just have to start learning some serious spanish. BTW Methodist Hospital called me while I was at Woodhull, I told them I am no longer interested since I have been offered something by the city.
  6. by   HangInThere
    Hi Bklyn RN. How's your position at Woodhull, if you are still there? Just found your post, and Woodhull is a 15 min drive from home for me. Just wondering how you're finding it.
  7. by   Bklyn_RN
    I love it. It is a very large hospital. Also the staff is diverse.
    I meet people from all over the world.
  8. by   akanini
    Are they hiring right now?
  9. by   HangInThere
    Quote from Bklyn_RN
    I love it. It is a very large hospital. Also the staff is diverse.
    I meet people from all over the world.
    Glad to hear it. Congrats! Did you stay with Psych?

    I taught an in-service there a few years back for nurses and social workers, and had a good experience all around.
  10. by   PHWM
    @ Bklyn_RN I interviewed for Woodhull in early June. I turned in all my paper work and did my background check...I received medical clearance, but have yet to get a start date....is this normal? 3 weeks has passed since I received medical clearance and nothing. I'm beginning to panic because I really thought I had a job and now I'm too sure of that.
  11. by   yeyaRN
    Hey PHWM if you dont mind me asking what they did offer you as starting salary?
  12. by   yeyaRN
    Hi BKlyn_RN if you dont mind me asking, what did they start you off at? I am curious since I have an interiew coming up there...thanks!
  13. by   myRN85
    Hi Yeya, How did you get an interview there? did you just apply, or did you contact a recruiter directly? thanks!