HHC tuition payment in exchange for work committment

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    Does anyone know in-depth information about Health Hospitals Corporation payment for tuition in exchange for work committment. I've done a search here and got some info. but nothing really concrete just info. that's kind of all over the place. It seems they will pay for your tuition (up to $30,000) while you're in nursing school, and you don't have to work while you're in school and they'll pay you salary as well. After graduation you must commit to 2 years in any HHC hospital.

    However, I wanted to know - do I already have to be an HHC employee in order to get this benefit, and if so do I have to be an LPN already and going for my RN or is it ok If I'm a sec'y or admin. asst. going for RN.

    I know alot of times hospital will give this benefit but most of the time you already have to be in that field (like and lpn or cna going for rn), not usual for them to give this benefit to a sec'y wanting to be an RN.

    Any info. would help.

    Cee Cee

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    Just wanted to add that:
    currently I'm a sec'y at a law firm but have worked in hospitals in the past as a sec'y as well. I'm wondering if I try for a sec'y position at any HHC hospital would I be able to benefit from this tuition payment in exchange for work committment.

    Just wanted to clarify things...
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    I just graduated for the HHC LPN program and to my knowledge this was the last year that HHC employees would continue to receive their paycheck while attending classes. Anyone shuld be to apply for the scholarship.
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    alliecat: Are you saying that you don't have to be an employee in order to apply for it? How do I go about finding out about this, and do you have the name and or email of the person to contact for this program? I would really appreciate it.

    -Cee Cee
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    hey ccjus123,
    from what i know(i use to work in the building where you sign up for this program and specking to a nice woman from the office)the program is free to anyone who falls in the income requirements! the lpn program itself is 11months that starts in sept and is offered at goldwater hospital.there is also a test you must take called the tabe and the cnet. they give you the tabe first to test your skills in reading/math. once you pass the exam you will then have to attend a pre-program that meets 3xtimes a week to good over on the cnet exam. think of it preparation class.in order to get in for sept you would need to pass the cnet(the higher the score the better)the link on the bottom is a flyer of the program. it has a number and email address.
    at least after the program you are guartanteed a job for two years!


    good luck ..i hoped this help:wink2:
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    There is no stipend for those who are not an HHC employee, so be prepared. It's still a good deal. Go to school for 11 months then work for HHC for 2 years.
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    So, how would one initially get into this type of program? Is there a link for information about this? I am about to start applying to nursing programs (will be done with all my pre-reqs) after this semester and I would be interested in something like this definitely. I am just wondering 1) Do you have to get into this contract with HHC while in your nursing program? 2) Do you have to be in a specific nursing school?
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    You can start here.....
    This is a link to the Mayor's Center for Economic Opportunity. You should find all of the information you need.
    You agree to the contract prior to starting the program. The RN program is through Kings County school of Nursing. I believe they are connected to LIU. the LPN program is at Coler-Goldwater Hospital.
    I hope that this information is helpful. Good Luck!!!!
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    Oh God guys this info is helpful..but we all did to figure out if we will still recieve a paycheck during the school duration.....
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    Quote from Dionyonce
    Oh God guys this info is helpful..but we all did to figure out if we will still recieve a paycheck during the school duration.....
    I would like 2 know this also.....

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