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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has heard anything from College @ Brockport Nursing for Fall 2011?? I thought we were supposed to start hearing back sometimes in March. I'm getting nervous... Read More

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    ECs and essays and stuff don't matter. Im an ivy league grad with amazing essays and recs and was rejected. Turns out they just put the gpas in order and pick the top - they don't care if it's a 4.0 community college vs a 3.5 ivy league. Its ridiculous
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    After I was rejected I ask and the admissions director actually told me that's how it works
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    i'm so sorry about that. i was really interested in going there too. I currently have a 3.7 and I'm at a community college! I DEFINITELY don't stand a chance. Any other reccomendations for the New York Area?
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    3.7 might be fine. Just remember they don't care about essays or anything
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    3.6 overall. For the pre-requisites, my GPA is a little higher than that but I don't know exactly.

    I didn't really have recent "extracurricular activities" because I am an adult student returning for a second degree, but I do work full time as a tech at a hospital.

    One bit of advice is to enroll as a part time or full time student at Brockport and take some prerequisites there BEFORE you apply to the nursing program. It is much more difficult to transfer in to the nursing program. There are only 70 spots total, and a small percentage of those spots are allotted for transfer students. Trust me they get TONS of transfer applications! Even if you are super qualified, you are competing with a large pool of applicants for a tiny number of spots. I heard they had well over 200 applicants for the 2011-2013 cohort.

    Brockport is a great school and they are very helpful and accommodating. I recommend that you meet with someone in the nursing program and ask them what you can do to make yourself an attractive applicant. That's what I did. Their program is excellent, and the price tag makes it even better!

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    St john fisher is a great nursing program in the rochester, ny area. Yes it is more expensive but i love it. I am going into my second semester of the nursing program. I was rejected at brockport but had no problem getting into fisher. it is much better because it is a private school vs brockport which is public, you get more 1 to 1 help from professors.
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    Shellbell I'm going to U Rochester. The nursing program is amazing. I recognize you from the Hrsa thread. Did you get it??
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    Hey do you have to take the NLN exam before you get into Brockport's nursing program??
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    Quote from paanii720
    Hey do you have to take the NLN exam before you get into Brockport's nursing program??
    I don't know what the NLN exam is, but I never had to take it and I got into Brockport.