Has anyone gotten into any of these schools??

  1. 0 Hi everyone, I recently applied to a few schools for the Fall 2013 and was wondering if anyone has gotten into these schools and if so, if they could tell my the pros and cons of them. :-) Thanks!

    Albany Memorial (Albany, NY)
    Samaritan (Troy, NY)
    HVCC (Troy, NY)
    Ellis (Schenectady, NY)
    Maria (Albany, NY)
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    Thread moved to NY nursing programs to elicit further response. Good luck.
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    I applied to the Albany Memorial and HVCC Fall 2013 programs too. The deadline is February 1st. I hope we hear soon. Albany Memorial is my first choice. How about you?

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    I applied to Samaritan School of Nursing and was accepted for Fall 2013. I was curious if you were accepted as well? It would be nice to know someone before I start there!

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