Former CNA starting BSN program - how do I get NYS certified to work as a CNA again?

  1. Long story short--I worked as a CNA from 1994-2000 in Minnesota/NYC (I was lucky enough to have my coursework and all fees paid by the nursing home where I worked), and let my certification lapse when I completed college. I'm in the process of doing a career change, applying to second degree BSN programs, and it certainly would be very helpful to have my certification again--hopefully doing some CNA work while in school will help me in the job market when I graduate. I never became NYS certified but I'm very confident I could pass the exam without the coursework. Will New York let you skip the course if you can pass the exam and can show you once held certification? Unfortunately, I cannot get back on the registry in MN since more than 24 months have lapsed since my last job as a CNA - that certainly would make the transfer situation easier. It seems, at least in NYC, most CNAs pay out of pocket for training--if that's the case I'd love to save money if I can.

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  3. by   Paws2people
    Contact Prometric to see if you can get a reciprocity. They administer the test in New York. Good luck!!
  4. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Thanks for the info--I'll definitely try them and see if I can find a way to test out of the class.