Experienced nurse trying to find work in the NY/NJ area

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    I need to move to NJ by July so I can be closer to family (and my lease is up). I have a total of (approx) 9 years of nursing experience, most experience in inpatient rehab. I really want to get into critical care. So far I applied to a few hospitals particularily NYP, but they turned me down or haven't responded. I am waiting for my NJ license to b approved, so I can't apply there yet. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading!
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    Is there anyone out there?
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    NYC area including Westchester and Long Island are very difficult to get hired in unless you have recent acute care (hospital) experience. It also takes recruiters a while (several weeks) to call you for interview after you apply. Apply everywhere and you may get lucky. NYC HHC hospitals are hiring. Google them for the employment website. Also, try upstate including Rockland and Orange Counties which is on the border with NJ (to the north). Jobs are easier to get there.
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    Thank you. I will take your advice!
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    HR works on their schedule for these NYC hospitals. When you expect to get a response in three weeks, it'll take four or five. Just keep submitting apps and don't get discouraged. Critical care in NYC=critical care experience required. NYP won't even let you submit your app without the experience. I think NSLIJ will let you submit but d/t their 'screening questions' your app will be electronically filtered into the junk file (I saw them pull up my app in an interview with red flags next to ICU positions I did not qualify for). Good luck!
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