Downstate RN-BSN Fall 2014

  1. anyone else applying to this program? or know anyone that attended. I'm curious about how difficult it is for acceptance. I'm so nervous!
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  3. by   RNtoBSNjen
    Hey, I did not see your post until after I put my own out there. Good luck with your admissions process.

    I just got an email to resubmit the transcript from my current school. I hope that is a good sign.
  4. by   blondie1887
    Thanks! Do you know anyone that's done the program or how hard it is to get in? I am from out of state so I don't know anyone that's done the program. How are your grades? What other school have you applied to?
  5. by   RNtoBSNjen
    My cum is 3.7, (TEAS math 86.7%, science 77.1% - I took this test because I was undecided whether I would go for this or the Accelerated program since I have a bachelors degree), a year of hospital nursing assistant, 3 years of direct care. I graduate in May and will take the NCLEX over the summer. I just need to be able to work, so I chose the RN-BSN route.

    I don't know anyone who is in the program, but from what I see, there are very many applicants. I have to check the application deadlines for other programs, but I may look at Columbia and Upstate. Right after I submitted my application to Downstate, I got swamped at my job and the start of my last semester.

    Have you applied elsewhere?
  6. by   blondie1887
    Yea, I applied to LIU, Hunter, and NYU. Hunter I didn't get into. They're pretty competitive I heard, but I don't know about downstate I tried finding posts on here but all I found was the accelerated one. What makes you think there's so many? It seems like a lot of people do the online programs so I was hoping it wouldn't be terrible but now I'm not so sure. Especially New York doesn't seem to have that many programs. Upstate I haven't heard of, that's in upstate ny?