Does anyone knows of Agencys hiring LPNs in nyc?

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    Recently Graduated from LPN school and now i'm looking for a job.
    Does anyone know of any agencys currently hiring LPNs?
    Doesn't matter where in the 5 boroughs since i'm willing to travel.
    Please help

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    Select care in the city
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    Thanks so much! Advance Care staffing does also
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    Have you applied to either agencies yet ? If so how's the process going ?
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    which LPN program did you attend?? I live in the NYC area and i'm looking into schools
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    As a new grad it is wise to get some experience before hiring on with agencies they usuall ask for at least 1 year.Be very mindful of the ones that will hire without experience.You are out there on your own think about how hard you worked for your license just a word for the wise congrats and good luck with the job hunt.
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    You are right but Agencies are the only ones willing to give lpns a chance. Anything else is by "luck"
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    I am considering volunteering at a hospital probably once or twice a wk to gain experience n start applying again
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    @ Tatiana, I went to Metropolitan Learning Institute in Jersey City, NJ. I live in Brooklyn, the commute was about 40 Mins. 4 train to Fulton street then the Path train which was about a 7 min ride, So worth it. Great school with great teachers. Classes stat every 4 Months.

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