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Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums, and an aspiring RN student, but I wanted to ask current CUNY/SUNY RN students/grads if they could outline some pros vs. cons when considering applying for CUNY or SUNY for your initial RN... Read More

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    Quote from wanna-be-nurse
    you are considering working on your BSN within 10 years, Why would you want to spend the next 10 years to finish your BSN degree?
    You're right; that is a long time. My original thinking was based on this supposed "get your BSN within 10 years of licensure" law that has yet to be passed, so I'm going to focus on gaining licensure as quickly as possible through an AAS program.

    Then I'll at least be working as a nurse, which is really what I want to do. I'll have time to decide if a BSN or MSN are worth pursuing and possibly take advantage of a hospital tuition-assistance program. For me, I think that's a better position to be in if I'm going to commit x amount of money toward higher education. My assumption is that a more advanced curriculum will "sink in better" if I'm walking into the classroom having already gained years of clinical experience...

    Again, many, many thanks for everyone's input! My journey towards licensure has begun, and it's been very helpful to bounce some ideas and questions off of a few folks along the way. Best wishes, also, to everyone else who has just begun their nursing education.

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    Quote from girls1
    As a fellow Bcc student, I would encourage you to give Bcc a chance.
    I started last fall and I was so discouraged by what everyone was saying about Bcc and all cuny schools in general that I actually wasted precious study time researching private schools. Cochran, Dorothea Hopfer, Beth Israel, you name it. I even took the two hour bus ride out to Westchester community to check that place out.
    But I did well in my pre reqs and this was my first semester in the nursing program. It's not even half as bad as they say it is. Sometimes you think going to a different school would make everything easier but it just ends up wasting time and money.
    Just my two cents. I'm sure you'll make the decision that is right for you.
    Good luck on your pre reqs!

    I disagree. In my own situation, i would not be necessarily wasting time if I transfer to SUNY WCC or any other SUNY Community College that offers AAS in Nursing, I would only have to take my remaining Nutrition Class or Developmental Psych (depending on which school) and Dosage Calculations/Pharm, and the 3 Nursing Classes. Because I am already an LPN, they give me Advanced Placement--I do not have to take the 1st nursing class. But each school varies in their policy, for WCC i have to take a challenge exam. For another SUNY Community College, they automatically give me credit for being an LPN, I only have to take the NET, but no challenge exam. In my opinion, that's only 3 semesters without having to take chemistry, art/music, communications, and all the other B*S* that BCC wants me to take (which, AS WE ALL KNOW, is to milk you out of your money that you worked hard for or to milk you for your financial aid). To complete your degree at CUNY would take no less than 3 years maybe 2 1/2, if you're lucky, and that includes the prereq's. This is why the Nursing Programs at CUNY takes so long to complete. With the exception of Queensborough Community College, their requirements are much like SUNY schools, so I am speaking about my experience at BCC. PLUS, BCC requires that as an LPN I must have at least 1 year of acute care/Med-Surg experience, but SUNY Community Colleges do not have that requirement--they only require an LPN license to qualify for advanced placement. So, all in all, IN MY OWN SITUATION, and my own OPINION, SUNY Community Colleges that offer AAS in Nursing is much better than CUNY schools. Plus, the CUNY schools may SAY they have no waiting list, but they do. This may also apply to SUNY, but at least they are not completely biased on whether you get financial aid or not, since CUNY schools are mostly funded by YOUR financial aid (statistics and common sense show). So, not necessarily wasting money either, I would rather "waste money" as you say to finish in 3 semesters than to finish in 9, including summer classes. My 10 cents. lol.
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    Suny Orange offers a two year RN program and has a 92% NCLEX pass-rate.
    So I can pay $1700 sem. (FT) at this CC instead of $7,000 at Mt. St. Mary's.
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    I am starting at BCC this sept and I have heard the nursing program is intense but they have a high nyclex pass rate. All schools have good and bad things I am happy at BCC
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    I went to a suny school and let me tell you that it is an easier trasnsition to continue your education at another suny schools because I graduated from a community college and the 4 year college that is suny I plan to go in the fall made it very easy for me to transfer

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