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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else on here applied for the 2013 Hunter generic nursing program. For those of you applying to the traditional generic program how do you feel about the seats... Read More

  1. by   bemal

    I attended the orientation this week and we were told that the deadline for NLN is February 28th.
  2. by   Lebron123
    Would anyone know, what would be considered a competitive NLN score?
  3. by   audacia
    It always depends on how people do as a whole... but most people scored 140s-150s.
  4. by   zscdvgu
    Quote from DoGoodThenGo

    Take a deep breath and relax! *LOL*

    Everything you need to know is on HB's website:

    "• You may take the NLN RN Pre-Admission PAX exam at the Hunter College Testing Service, or arrange to take it elsewhere. The deadline to take the exam is Friday, March 1, 2013. Scores for the NLN RN Pre-Admission PAX exam, if taken outside of Hunter College, must be sent directly to Maria Luisa Mendoza, Pre-Nursing Advisor, Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, 425 E 25th Street, Box 626, New York, NY 10010 from the NLN. Only official test scores will be accepted."

    In short the answer to your query is that long as you take the NLN-PAX on or before 1 March 2013, that is all you need worry about far as that goes. If for some reason during the application process HB says they don't have your scores and or they didn't arrive on time you'll have something from NLN as proof which should clear things up.

    Just make sure to clearly and correctly indicate which school or schools you want your NLN-Pax scores sent.
    Thanks a lot, I will try to relax a little bit...haha
  5. by   zscdvgu
    Quote from bemal

    I attended the orientation this week and we were told that the deadline for NLN is February 28th.
    Thanks, then, I don't have to reschedule my test date...which is another 15 dollars..
  6. by   ebinbrooklyn
    The NLN is pretty straightforward--make flashcards, do the practice tests and you'll be fine. I found some online flashcards that I used that were helpful. I got a 150 on it last time I took it (in spring 2011) and the adviser at Hunter told me that wasn't up to snuff - it was the bottom of their cut off.

    I did all my prereqs at Hunter and I'm really struggling with deciding if I should even BOTHER applying (applied for Fall 2012 accelerated and didn't make the cut). Hearing they cut another 50 seats is not terribly great news either--what is the deal with this new BSN track? Do you think it'll be at all easier to get into vs. the regular and accelerated programs?
  7. by   Lebron123
    Hey ebinbrooklyn..
    How did you get a 150? You simply studied the red book? I mentioned in a previous post that the red book is too basic. I don't think studying the red book can earn one a 150..Let me know how you did so well..
  8. by   bemal

    Did anyone take TEAS V, if yes is it much different from NLN?

  9. by   Lebron123
    Hey bemal.. I didn't taking take the TEAS V, but I'm planning to take it in February since I'm applying to other schools as well. I'd say for the most part the test is similar. You don't need to know any vocabulary words. Instead, you need to know things like punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structure,etc...
  10. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Yeah--just the study book. I had taken the coursework already but was rusty on all of it. I had never taken physics so I had to teach myself that--got a physics for dummies book. I also read the McGraw Hill Nursing School Prep book but I don't know if that was as helpful for the NLN (it was helpful for the TEAS). If you're rusty on old topics, the cliff notes science books are excellent review and make sure you take those practice tests!

    I've done both the TEAS and NLN--the NLN is harder, I think. The TEAS has some really annoying parts to it, like spelling and roman numerals. The bio on the TEAS is harder, but the science on the NLN is overall more difficult and requires a deeper understanding. I'm actually retaking the TEAS today because I need at least 75% in math for Downstate and I got 70%, so annoyed but hopefully it'll push my overall score in everything up.
  11. by   bemal
    Thanks Lebron123 and ebinbrooklyn

    I took TEAS in September. I actually had to retake it because I ran out of time on the reading section. I scored overall 90%.
    I'm taking NLN in February and I'm little worried about the vocabulary part. Do you guys know if it's just the vocabulary from the book?
  12. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Yes and no....I had some old GRE flashcards that I went through a few times. Not sure how much they helped. Also took the advice of an old college professor and read the New York Times editorial section every day since that beefs up your vocabulary and puts you in contact with new words. That did seem to help a little bit. If you find that's your weakest area, I'd recommend the GRE flashcards and studying roots, prefixes, etc...
  13. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Okay, so stupid question for you folks here: I am literally out of classes to take at Hunter. I've got all my prerequisites done, all my generals done, I literally have nothing BUT the nursing parts done in order to get a degree. So I'm considering not taking classes this semester--would that mean I can't apply for 2013? Do you have to be a student at the time of application? I don't want to spend a grand on a class I don't need/want just to keep enrollment status there--trying to figure out how to handle this?