CUNY Hunter Accelerated Prog. Fall 2011 - page 14

Hi! Is anyone else applying for the Accelerated Prog. for Fall 2011?... Read More

  1. by   JTokyo
    Yea we can register on the 27th at 9am. Im still confused about the organizations we have to join: HSNA and NSNA. HSNA site seems to be down and there are multiple NSNA sites. SO confusing.
  2. by   jenechkaNY
    Hil all,
    I went on the NSNA web-site and joined NSNA there. Then had to search the web-site for malpractice insurance and found a link to NSO. I was able to purchase the insurance from them.
    As far as the registration, I already registered. Not sure how it is for the Generic Pathway but Accelerated were able to register beginning July 13th. I had to do a lot of calling around but finally figured out that the hold on the registration is from the Health office in the main campus and they need a copy of the shots before they can clear you for registration.
    Hope this helps!
  3. by   cl123
    Hi everyone,

    What was the room number that we had to bring our physical forms to?

  4. by   VictorF
    hey cl123

    615W at Brookdale, visit the mezzanine floor first if you havent watched the HIPPA video on patient confidentiality
  5. by   cl123
    did anyone get their uniforms/scrubs in the mail yet?
  6. by   wangten2011
    I got mines yesterday but my friend still hasn't got hers yet ...they shouldn't have left it till the very beginning of school to start shipping them out..crappy service
  7. by   alinasept
    Did anyone have lab today? I've got lab on Monday and I'm wondering if I should change into my scrubs at school or just wear them. I'm thinking I'll feel kind of strange walking around in scrubs.
  8. by   lee2012
    I am kind of confused. How different is the accelerated program from the generic??
  9. by   lee2012
    Are the same requirements needed for the accelerated program compared to generic??
  10. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from lee2012
    Are the same requirements needed for the accelerated program compared to generic??

    All ABSN programs work along the same lines. One is grandfathered/given credit for lower/undergraduate required course work and simply takes nursing along with related and or core classes to obtain a "second" BofS in nursing.

    The requirements are the same in that if one has not taken the mandatory pre-nursing science and assocaited sequence classes (A&PI with lab, Micro (with lab), etc...) they must be completed before applying to Hunter's ABSN program.