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Hi! Is anyone else applying for the Accelerated Prog. for Fall 2011?... Read More

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    Hil all,
    I went on the NSNA web-site and joined NSNA there. Then had to search the web-site for malpractice insurance and found a link to NSO. I was able to purchase the insurance from them.
    As far as the registration, I already registered. Not sure how it is for the Generic Pathway but Accelerated were able to register beginning July 13th. I had to do a lot of calling around but finally figured out that the hold on the registration is from the Health office in the main campus and they need a copy of the shots before they can clear you for registration.
    Hope this helps!
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    Hi everyone,

    What was the room number that we had to bring our physical forms to?

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    hey cl123

    615W at Brookdale, visit the mezzanine floor first if you havent watched the HIPPA video on patient confidentiality
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    did anyone get their uniforms/scrubs in the mail yet?
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    I got mines yesterday but my friend still hasn't got hers yet ...they shouldn't have left it till the very beginning of school to start shipping them out..crappy service
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    Did anyone have lab today? I've got lab on Monday and I'm wondering if I should change into my scrubs at school or just wear them. I'm thinking I'll feel kind of strange walking around in scrubs.
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    I am kind of confused. How different is the accelerated program from the generic??
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    Are the same requirements needed for the accelerated program compared to generic??
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    Quote from lee2012
    Are the same requirements needed for the accelerated program compared to generic??

    All ABSN programs work along the same lines. One is grandfathered/given credit for lower/undergraduate required course work and simply takes nursing along with related and or core classes to obtain a "second" BofS in nursing.

    The requirements are the same in that if one has not taken the mandatory pre-nursing science and assocaited sequence classes (A&PI with lab, Micro (with lab), etc...) they must be completed before applying to Hunter's ABSN program.