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Anyone plan to attend in January or already a student? I have applied for January admission and was hoping to meet some other students. :wavey:... Read More

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    HI. I'm starting at Crouse in Fall 2012. Pretty nervous. I'm trying to prepare ahead of time with books and uniforms. Im enrolled in NUR 110, NUC 110, NUL 110 and PSY 206. Does anyone know where I can find an up to date list of the books I'll need? I checked the Crouse textbook sight, but it only lists up to Summer 2012. I just dont want to get backed into a corner on buying books at the last minute. Also, Do I need to get my uniforms right away or can I wait unitl after orientation (August 15th-17th). Thanks.

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    I am not sure about the test books, it should be listed already. But you have sometime before you will need your uniform.

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