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Hi All, I just sent off my application for Accelerated Nursing program at Concordia College for the fall of 2013. I'm really excited and nervous. I saw the thread for the fall 2012 was quite active and a few would-be 2013... Read More

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    I was just thinking that myself, I haven't heard anything.

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    Hi, I am almost ready to apply for this program.
    I want to share some info here.
    Is there anybody who already had interview and writing sample?
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    Seong69: I haven't heard anything yet regarding the interview or writing sample. I would check out the 2012 thread.
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    rachwabb: I applied to Concordia at the end of last month and asked to admission dept by e-mail when is the expected interview and writing sample. They said they would wait until the end of January to collect applications and my interview date would be informed by phone or by e-mail maybe in the beginning of Feb. So far, I got the confirmation letter from Concordia that they received my application and all the docs.
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    Hi all

    Hope everyone's pre-reqs are going well! I'm currently in my second semester of concordia's accelerated program. If I can help you guys with any questions/concerns feel free to ask. This website was a godsend to me last year and the Concordia students (at the time) were very helpful so I want to pass on the help. Ill try to check back once a week or so to see if I can help. Until then good luck with the process!!
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    Hi RachPapp,

    Thanks so much. I'm sure many of us are kinda freaking out right now as we wait to hear back about interviews and send out applications. How is Concordia going for you? Do you feel you are getting a quality nursing education and what will your clinical training be like? When do you do the clinical training? I'm sure I have more questions, but just basic info on how you feel the quality of the program is and how it's preparing you for your future nursing career would be appreciated.
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    Concordia is going pretty well. I'm not going to lie and say it's easy but it's definitely manageable. You realize pretty quickly that the most important factor is putting the time in. You don't have to sign your life away as they would have you believe but you should expect that about every other weekend or so you'll be attached to your books.

    As for the teaching itself I definitely think the teachers are well qualified. As with any education you will find teachers who teach just the way you like and teachers who can drive you a little crazy. My best advice is to roll with the punches and trust the process. Several teachers can teach one class (not true of all classes) and this can be challenging learning each one's teaching style and test questions; but it will start to come to you. They have been reporting to us about the class that graduated in December and so far 7 have taken the NCLEX and 7 have passed so they are doing something right.

    Clinical starts pretty quickly, within the first couple of weeks (5 maybe?) but they start you off at a Nursing home so it is a nice way to ease into it. Clinical can kind of be what you make of it. So far I have had good instructors that have let us be pretty hands on. Not every day is going to be what you want or expect but it's a process. The thing about an accelerated program is you do feel like your time in clinical is limited because we do everything in 6 weeks time so try hard to see and do what you can why on the clinical floor. We use Montefiore, Westchester, WP, Lawrence so there is a decent variety.

    Overall I think Concordia's program is pretty good. I've heard some nightmare stories from other schools and I would say nothing is that bad at Concordia. I feel that the teachers genuinely care and want you to succeed and they will take time after or outside of class to explain a topic. I applied around and I have to say that I am happy and pleased with Concordia. I would definitely pick them again knowing what I know now.

    Hope this helps if you guys think of anymore questions about school or the application process or anything let me know and I will check back and answer.
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    Thanks so much for sharing your comments RachPapp. It's so great to hear from someone who is already invested in the program. I just applied today. Like a few others, I was accepted to NYU, but I just can't swallow the price tag. I am really looking forward to starting. Hopefully I will be joining some of you next Fall.
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    If it helps you guys should know our pass rate is better than NYU and Columbia. We're actually currently second highest in NY state second only to Downstate.
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    Hi All,

    Anyone heard back yet regarding an interview and writing sample? I'm starting to get nervous that I haven't heard back yet. If you have heard back let me know and congrats!

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