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The thread here for the Columbia University ETP program for entry in 2012 is pretty long (45 pages right now!), so I was hoping to elicit some of the same responses for those who are applying in 2013. Let's get to know each... Read More

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    Hey future applicants,
    So I start the program in 2 weeks and I know one thing that I did was search the previous years' threads to find out stats on accepted applicants/dates of notification etc. Here are mine:

    3.85 cum GPA
    GRE 160ish
    Did not have my bachelor's degree when I applied, and will receive it only a week before the program starts! Had 2 pending pre-reqs during the application process also.
    Worked at a hospital for 3 years throughout college.

    We found out acceptance via e-mail on 2/6/2013 in the afternoon.

    Good luck to you all, be personal in your essay and show them you really want it!!!
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    Hi ny5040,

    Will you be able to tell me how many people are accepted into the ETP-anesthesia track? Some people say only 5? I hope that's not true! Can you tell us a little bit about how has your experience been?