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The thread here for the Columbia University ETP program for entry in 2012 is pretty long (45 pages right now!), so I was hoping to elicit some of the same responses for those who are applying in 2013. Let's get to know each... Read More

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    I'm thinking about applying to Columbia, but for matriculation in 2014. The only school I can apply for next year is Concordia, because their term starts in the fall. I'll also apply to NYU and Pace for matriculation in 2014, as well as Columbia, although Columbia starts the latest and takes the longest, but I think it would be so great to go there. Looking forward to reading how everyone likes / dislikes it!

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    Hello everyone!!

    Does anyone know if anyone who were accepted in the program had to drop out because they didn't get approved for private loans? Or, once you are accepted, CUSON will do their best to give you all the funds you need.. even if you have not so good credit??
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    Re: your july 26 post....I would love to hear the answer to those questions too, joanileh... Im wondering if I can be poor and also be a grad student at a private university!
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    Hey Everyone!
    I am applying to the BS/MS ETP program this fall with hopes of Matriculation in 2013! I don't think I have ever wanted anything this bad in my LIFE, so keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers! I was wondering if anyone has located the program goals that they ask our personal statement to be congruent with? I cannot seem to find them anywhere online. Also, does anyone know how much weight GRE scores have on the application? I will be taking the GRE in september and I'm starting to get nervous.
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    I just took GRE today. 162 verbal, 147 quant. Will know essay scores in 2 weeks. The test was vexing as F. My scores equal 640 verbal/576 quant. On old ETS grid. So in verbal I am 89%ile and math 31%ile. I did bad. I did well. I am hopefully a valid candidate, while not utterly remarkable... With a cumulative score which is equivalent of 1210 in old terms. we shall see....

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    @ kpinkertonlloyd nice you are done with the GRE. I will be taking mine in September and I am so nervous. Been studying hard the past few weeks. You scored pretty high on verbal, any tips?

    @hopefulforColumbia hi. I will be taking the GRE in sept. as well. Same feelings, so nervous!!
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    Hey guys!

    I am currently living in San Diego, but I REALLY want to move back to the east coast ( where I am from). Does anyone know how much previous direct patient care weighs into the application? I am currently a respiratory therapist and have 3 years of experience mainly in the ICU. I also work a several hours a month in an ALS clinic. My undergrad GPA was a 3.5 but I didn't do well on the GRE. I am applying for the acute care NP route, does anyone know how competitive it is or if I even have a shot ???
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    I used McGraw Hill New GRE book to study and I spent 30 min a day for 6 weeks going through all chapters, which helped me do better on verbal but only helped me a teeny bit for math. I happen to do really well with language which is why I scored high on verbal I think. I am not awful at math but with complicated questions and a crazy short time limit, I did poorly on math.
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    Quote from MTroup
    Hi everyone:

    Regarding the ETP-Anesthesia program, does anyone know, due to the very limited time to obtain ICU employment (which in itself is hard enough right out of school), does Columbia assist in finding positions? For instance, some kind of "career services"?

    Or asked differently, have any candidates to the ETP program for anesthesia lost their position in the program due to their inability to find an ICU position quickly?

    Thanks for the information.
    Hi MTroup,
    I'm currently in the ETP-Anesthesia speciality so I thought I would answer your questions. Columbia does not really assist students in finding ICU positions. They have career services that help with your resume and prepare you for interviews, but you are pretty much on your own to find a job.

    They allow you up to two years to fulfill your 1 year ICU requirement. So if you are unable to find a job right away you just won't be able to start the Masters portion until you finish your 1 year requirement.
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    Has anyone finished the application yet? I have everything but my recommendations in hand!!! I'm finishing the last pre-requisite this Fall, but during the CUSON Admissions Open House they had said that it was acceptable to apply with one class in progress.

    Otherwise, just reading (and re-reading) my statement, double-checking my CV and saying a LOT of prayers. My GREs were not terrible, and my GPA is also in an acceptable range. But I still get nervous!!! How will we wait until FEBRUARY to find out???!!!

    Only 6 more weeks left to apply. Best of luck to all the other applicants!

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