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by ErRnDiva

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good afternoon, i was wondering if anyone had any info on bronx leb such as: pharm exam, salary (night shift, bsn), etc???. what do you know about their emergency room? all info is appreciated!!! thank you msrndiva :nurse:... Read More

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    What's ur email address. I cant send private messages yet.
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    Its Thanks in advance!
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    How are you liking Bronx Leb so far?
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    Hello, ErRndiva or MsRNdiva...I have to take the Pharmocology exam at Bronx Leb hosp soon...Can you give any tips on the exam and is it hard? Im so nevous...thanks a million..

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    I could not find the nursing recruiters email and I am very interred in working at this hospital. I can be reached at Thank you in advance.
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    Just wondering if anyone has any input on the hospital. Is it in a safe area? Does the hospital have safe practice? What is their new grad orientation program like? Is it enough that a new graduate would feel secure on the floor? What is their retention rate like? I have heard different things about the facility, both good and bad, and being that I have an interview scheduled there for the ED, I would really like to know more about it before I even go in for the interview.

    I am kind of nervous because I called, sent in my resume, and received a call from the nurse manager of the unit the same day. To me this seems off, because everywhere else that I've gotten an interview, I had to know somebody to get it, and it took a little while to get the ball rolling with things. I don't know of any other ED that's clamoring for new grads.