BMCC Nursing Program Spring 2018

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Today we took the Kaplan Entrance Exam and I thought it would nice for us to share feedback and get to know each other as we wait for a phone call.

    I found the reading and the math sections to be fairly easy while the writing section was confusing. Science wasn't easy but more manageable.

    I scored 71% with 3.7 GPA for pre-req. It's on the low side but still hopeful
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  3. by   dpers
    Hey congrats on getting this far. Mr. Sierra showed me the spreadsheet with applicants last semester. A few students had 4.0s of course, but students also matriculated with 3.5s and 3.6s. I think you'll be fine with your grades. 3.7 is a strong GPA and the Kaplan score is decent. Many students have difficulty with the writing portion of the test so I wouldn't worry if I were you. Good luck, DONT STRESS, and keep us posted.
  4. by   Anna234
    Thank you for your kind words. My overall is 4.0 but I am not sure if it factors in. I heard Mr.Sierra looks at the nursing related courses ( Micro, psych 240, etc). My friend took the exam last year and did pretty well but was not accepted into the program due to the fact that she failed Micro that same semester; which is probably why he calls a month later when the grades are posted.
  5. by   Jengem55
    I applied for the evening section for spring 2018.
    Pre-req GPA is 3.67 with overral Kaplan score 76%.
  6. by   Anna234
    @Jengem55 That a very good score and a strong GPA Thanks for sharing and Good Luck !