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  1. 0 Thanks for taking time out to read this. I am going into my second year of school in the Fall. I took a break from the end of '08 school year until now because I was unsure of what I wanted to study. I attended BMCC during '08 and I received a C+ in English 101, which is a pre-req for the nursing program. I am reading about how high my GPA in the 4 pre-reqs and I know my C+ will kill my chances. I was wondering if there is a way to retake English 101 or any other options as to transferring to other schools. Please respond if you have any information. Thank you very much.
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    Hey Jess, I would ask your advisor. They might be able to let you retake it or I would ask if I can go to another school and retake it.

    I am going to start this summer as non matric. I already have my BS in pre law so I decided to do a whole career change. This is such a big step for me. I am so nervous..I havent been to school in years.

    Do you have any suggestions for professors? Preferably for Chem 121 and english 101? Do you know if I can take Eng 101 online?
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    Just a quick reminder not to mention either by name or initial instructors as per the Terms of Service of the site
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    OOps! sorry! I am still a newbie in here. Thanks for the heads up

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