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Hi all, I just submitted my application to Binghamton for the BAT program for next fall. Didn't see a discussion board yet so figured I would start one. Any other applicants out there?... Read More

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    Quote from Bear0512
    Uh oh... when I called yesterday an admissions counselor said that she guarantees I'll hear by the end of this week. Maybe I've been rejected
    Nono I don't think so, don't lose hope! I called both the admissions office and the nursing department. They really have different answers... The lady at the nursing department told me the rejected mails are sending out about now, while the lady at the admissions office told me that they will send out the rejected and accepted mails simultaneous after April 1st.. And she told me that I could expect an answer in 2 weeks...

    What we can do now is to wait till April 1!

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    Quote from VroomVroom
    Thanks Ruminnie88 for the update! And hang in there Bear0512! They've used "guarantee" a few times already, and we're still waiting.

    I sent an email to them today to get my version of the situation. Lol. I'll post as soon as I hear back.
    You are welcome! Yea please keep us updated!
    Looking forward to hearing your version! Haha

    I have a question, do you know if we could switch to the 2 years program after school starts? Or is it just impossible?
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    Well, I got my rejection letter today. Sucks that it took so long to find out, but at least now I know. Good luck to those who are still waiting!
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    I'm with you Bear0512. Got mine today as well. Let's keep it moving! Good luck to all!
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    Hi guys, awww, I am sorry to hear that...

    I still have not heard back from the school yet...I am not sure what it means...

    But I will update when I get an answer from them.

    Wishing me good luck....
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    Hi guys, finally I received my email today, but unfortunately it was not a good news. I got rejected as well, just don't understand why it takes so long.. so disappointing..

    Now my last hope is NYU. I am really hoping I can get into their program..

    Good luck!
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    did anyone apply through Binghamton's traditional 2 year program? or know another post that is about the 2 year traditional? & congrats to everyone who got accepted!
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    Does anyone know if Chem 1 & 2 would be OK as prereqs for the BAT program or is 1 chem and 1 organic chem required? I would hate to take another chemistry in the fall if I don't have to
    PS I am applying next year
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    i think chem 1 & 2 should be fine. i did orgo too, so im not too sure if they used my orgo as pre-reqs but chem 1 & 2 should be okay to use!
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    Thank you spiritedkidd!
    do you know what the full tuition cost if for the program? the website is a little confusing..

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