Binghamton Applicants- BAT Fall 2013 - page 15

Hi all, I just submitted my application to Binghamton for the BAT program for next fall. Didn't see a discussion board yet so figured I would start one. Any other applicants out there?... Read More

  1. by   spiritedkidd
    Yeah, call just to make sure. I was at a meeting during my junior yr, which was three yrs ago, and I asked if they would use my orgo grades instead of my chem grades cus my orgo grades were horrible, and the lady said chem was fine. But maybe it has changed or something. Its a suny undergrad so I think around 15, 000 is a good estimate, as eca said.
  2. by   Yankees252411
    Thank so much for the replies. Does Binghamton have you submit your references electronically or do they have to be sent in the mail to the school?
  3. by   spiritedkidd
    Binghamton references are sent through the mail. The exact address is on the website under the BAT section of the Decker page. I would advise you to keep track of the date you mail everything in, just in case they don't receive them and then call 1-2 weeks later as a follow-up to make sure they received all your documents and if you're missing anything.
  4. by   Yankees252411
    Does anyone have a good contact email for the BAT program? I emailed to ask some questions last week but didnt get an answer yet. I was wondering if anyone had and actually emailed address that i could send an email to as i didnt see any on the website besides this one.
  5. by   spiritedkidd
    I would call. You would get a much faster response that way