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Hi all, I just submitted my application to Binghamton for the BAT program for next fall. Didn't see a discussion board yet so figured I would start one. Any other applicants out there?... Read More

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    Quote from Bear0512
    I'm also still waiting. I called Admissions a couple of times and both times they said they have never received so many applications before and haven't even gotten through all of them (?). They said I'd hear in 2 weeks when I called on Feb. 15 and when I called back 2 weeks later they said to wait another 2 weeks. I heard of someone who was rejected back in February so I have a feeling those of us who haven't heard back yet are on a wait list? Though when I asked about that they said that since they haven't gotten through all of the applications yet it doesn't mean we haven't been accepted or are on a wait list. Apparently it is possible that a person can be accepted in a week or two, however long it takes for them to get back to us.

    I also applied to NYU for the Fall just in case. I'd much rather go to Bing and not have to pay all that money, but I guess we'll see!

    Hi Bear0512, same here, I have called them in Feb and they have told me the same thing and also were asking me to wait for another 2 weeks...because they haven't reviewed all of the apps..I feel like so many "2 weeks" have passed by but I still not hearing a thing from I am even checking my junk mail just in case... still in a pretty panic mode everyday... I really hope I can hear back by the end of March!!

    So how did you find out that someone got rejected mail already?? Did they post anything online??

    I know, NYU is too much money...but for me it really depends on which school offers me the chance first...and I shall not be picky anymore I guess...Everywhere is competitive..If there is a chance I will go for it..I have called NYU nursing admissions office and they told me that I could possibly hear back between the end of March and the beginning of April since I have submitted the materials wayyyy early like last year in I missed the deadline for Spring 2013, so that's why..Anyways, lets see what would happen in the next 2 weeks!! crossing my fingers...!!! >_<

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    Hi Ruminnie88 and Bear0512! Thanks for the updates. I was also told to be patient as they are still marking students from the wait list. Apparently, they took several students from the list last year, so all is not lost... yet! It's gonna be a nail biter for sure!
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    I'm definitely going to whichever school accepts me first. I'm betting I'll hear back from NYU even before I end up hearing from Bing that I'm on the waitlist hahaha (that's my assumption, at least?) And yes, someone wrote that they got rejected on a different thread. Hope we'll hear back soon!
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    I have the same thought here! I think I would hear back from NYU before Bing too... And if that is the case, I am going to accept their offer! Definitely don't wanna loose both...

    I will keep you guys updated here.. Let's hope for the best!!
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    Hi all (particularly those that haven't yet heard back from Bing) - just a little update on something interesting I saw on the website...

    I never noticed this, but apparently the program may have been open to accepting applicants as late as March 8. The reason I think this is because there's an official note on the BAT program website that states "BAT admissions is closed for 2013" with a timestamp at the bottom of the page dated 3/8/13. I know it's rolling admissions, but I'd assume they'd have all their choices lined up already. It looks like they were still holding out up until March 8.

    So between that official note and the fact that the deposit deadline is April 1, we should hear back in the NEXT TWO WEEKS! Lol. We are officially at the half mark of March so, we will get a decision either way very soon.

    Good luck to everyone, I hope we all get good news!!
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    I spoke to someone at admissions yesterday who said that not all of the spots have been filled yet. She said hopefully I'll hear back in a week
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    Hi VroomVroom, that's good to hear! At least something is updating there! It's a good sign!!

    Bear0512, did they tell you roughly how many spots are left there?

    I am crossing my fingers for all of us!!
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    They didn't say anything about the amount of spots. I was accepted to another program so I called to see if they had any news before I send my deposit to the other school. They said that all BAT decisions should be released by the end of this week. I'm not sure how much I trust them anymore, but keeping my fingers crossed anyway!
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    Ok thanks for the info, and congrats for getting accepted by another program!!

    I know, I even just stopped calling them, just because of their credibility...I am really hoping that I can be accepted so that I can rest assure...

    Does the deposit due exactly on April 1? If yes, then they seriously need to be sending out the decisions by the end of this week or the beginning of the next for people to make their mind up...

    I am waiting for NYU's as well... don't know which one comes first...!! so frustrating but hang in there!!
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    Congrats Bear 0512! At least you have a back up plan, as do you Ruminnie88. I'll have to go back to the drawing board if this doesn't pan out.

    It's just frustrating applying to all these different programs since each one inevitably requires a prerequisite that another program doesn't need. I could end up taking a few courses and wasting a few thousand dollars for nothing.

    Let's all hope for the best!

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