Beth Israel School of Nursing, 2011/2012 Applicants? NYC

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    Hi all - I've been reviewing the boards here for a while and thank you all for your detailed responses and information left. This board is awesome and has really helped me calm my nerves with respect to the admissions process at Beth Israel in NYC.

    My apologies if a thread of this nature already exists - (i couldn't find one) -- Just wondering if any 2012 applicants are out there?? I am applying to the evening session beginning in January 2012.

    I've submitted my completed package and scored an 89th percentile AD on the NLN PAX. I took the computerized version and was able to get my scores back immediately. The anticipation would have killed me otherwise.

    Anyway, I am eagerly awaiting a call or email from PBISON regarding the next step in the admission process which is the in-person interview. Fingers, Toes, and eyes are crossed!

    Is anyone else out there applying for admission to the 2011/2012 entering class? Anyone further ahead in the process, perhaps you've had your interview already? I'm wondering how long to wait from the time I submitted my scores to the time of following up w/ the admissions board... I'm thinking 2 weeks is fair.?

    Any comments welcome. Thanks in advance - and good luck!

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    Hi NikkiJo,

    I applied to Beth Israel also and also have had my interview. Shocking, I know, I could barely believe it myself.

    My timeline with the whole experience is fairly short. I took the NLN-PAX on Feb. 9 and completed my application on March 7th. Literally 3 days later I received an email from MG about an interview on Monday March 14th.

    Let me just say that they are swamped with applications right now. The front desk is a mountain of paperworks. The assistant dean who interviewed me said that they accept students on a rolling basis. I left feeling very positive about the interview and it really seems that if you get an interview you are practically accepted since the stuffs that we talked about in the hour long meeting pertained to what I would need to do to be ready for the fall.

    If you have any other questions I am more than willing to answer them to the best of my abilities.

    Good luck to you!

    Edit: I applied for the traditional program.
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    Thanks for your reply, Sulo. The quick turn around must have been a welcomed surprise on your end. I know that with every change of the number of emails I have waiting to be read I am heightened with enthusiasm... and then I see it's not ** and I get sad LOL... But, I'm going to be realistic about it and not get discouraged just yet. I only just took my test on 3.9, and submitted my score to her on the 11th. (I took the computerized version and got my score moments after finishing the exam) --

    I am probably going to send MG a follow up email another week or so from now just to stay fresh in her mind. I love that she is so approachable and eager to help. It makes this stressful time a lot easier to manage.

    Did they give you a feel for when you'd hear their official answer on your acceptance?

    Do you mind if I ask how you scored on your PAX and what your other 'scores' look like in terms of your transferring GPA, etc. My past academic history is not stellar - but I was just a kid back then. I hope they are understanding of the growth I've made and the difference in my level of dedication at this point. God knows I stressed it in my essay
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    During the interview I asked whether I would have to wait til June to know the committee's decision and the answer was "Oh God, no."

    The admission committee meets once or twice a month to decide the fates of the applicants who made it past the interview milestone. I was told that I should be expecting an "answer" by the second week of April.

    As for my performance on the PAX, I scored a 156 composite and placed in the 99th percentile. My high school GPA is a solid 4.0. On the other hand, I barely managed to earn a 3.0 in college. I had a good explanation of the reason of my academic decline, being family issues and such.

    It seems that grades and scores are what get your applications looked at first, especially the NLN-PAX score. Then they refer to your essay and recommendation letters to look for supporting evidence.

    I think hospital (volunteer) experience is looked upon favorably by the school and it is one area where I am lacking. The assistant dean handed me a volunteer flyer for the local hospitals and suggested that I put in some hours so that I can "hit the ground running" when the fall comes. I plan to do exactly that.

    I don't know your GPA but others with your score have gotten in so don't be discouraged! Hang in there!
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    Very impressive scores! I saw your post on test taking tips, by the way. I wish I'd read that prior to my test. I'm not upset with my scores, but one can always do better!

    I don't have any hospital volunteer experience that is current, but one of my reference letters mentions volunteer work I did in my teens at nursing homes in the community. Hopefully that shines a bit. I was also recognized by a state senator and received various accolades at my HS Graduation for being community oriented and giving of my time.

    My most recent GPA from last semester was a 3.68 - but prior to that and from years ago I was on academic probation, etc. MG did ask that upon my completion of this current semester I get my grades into them as quickly as possible- so, maybe they want to see a length of successful academia on my part prior to moving forward.

    I am going to keep a positive frame of mind and move on forward... Sounds like you have it in the bag. That's awesome. Best of luck come the fall. Please keep me posted on your official acceptance. I'll advise when I get the e-mail to set-up an interview!
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    Well since it appears that there are only two of us applying to the school I think your chances are pretty good.

    And yes, they do go through your academic history with a fine tooth comb. My interviewer also made every effort to make sure my classes transfer over.

    Hope to see you once school starts.
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    Hope to see you too!! Still no word on this end :/ Arrrgh!
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    PS - I can't believe you and I are the only folks on this whole board discussing PBISON. I wonder if we are missing another thread.....
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    I'm applying too!!

    And taking the PAX exam tomorrow at 4:30pm. Wish me luck!
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    I'm applying applying too, but I think my app will go in at the last second. I'm not taking the pax for another 2 weeks, so we'll see how that goes -- can't be all that difficult after all these pre-reqs I've taken. Anyone else interested in doing the night track for those who have already finished all the core classes?

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