Beth Israel School of Nursing, 2011/2012 Applicants? NYC - page 34

Hi all - I've been reviewing the boards here for a while and thank you all for your detailed responses and information left. This board is awesome and has really helped me calm my nerves with respect to the admissions process... Read More

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    Originally I applied for the three year track BC I need to continue working full time and I have most of the credits so that would mean only one class a semester...BUT I met a student while I was waiting for my interview and she convinced me to switch to the two year traditional track. Which are you?

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    I applied for the two year trad track too! If you have all the pre-reqs why not finish quicker right? It's only 2 classes a semester I believe.
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    I was told that tomorrow would be the day to call to hear about some decisions. Ahhh a bit nervous :/
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    Me too! So nervous...
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    I got in!!!!!
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    Me too! See you soon hopefully! Best of luck to anyone else waiting for a reply.
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    I never took chem in high school will I still be able to apply even if I have a high nln test score

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