Anyone for KBCC Spring 2011 program? - page 5

I applied for the Spring 2011 program at Kingsborough and took the NLN on January 7th. Anyone else looking to get into that program?... Read More

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    Does anyone have any notes on Science 25? I know you can't nam names here but I'm taking it with a professor that seems weird. Everyone likes him but I'm worried. Helppppp
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    Do you still have ur notes from Science 25
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    Do you still have your notes for s ience 25?
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    I officially accepted into the program! Woohoo. As for science 25, just pay attention in class and you'll be okay. It is tough but I got through it with an A-. And I stink at math ! (Which you do use ) I made sure I came to class and lab everyday and put all my effort into this class.

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