Anyone familiar with CNET LPN Program in NYC? 2nd online exam? - page 4

Greetings, I have decided to transition from being an Executive Assistant to a LPN. I recently took the CNET LPN Entrance School Exam, and will get my results in about 2 more weeks. I believe I did well on the exam. There... Read More

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    how did u manage to finish the TABE reading part in 50 min is there any secret for that.......i would love to know cuz for me was hard to finish it on time

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    I took the TABE back in February...I was able to finish all the parts in the allotted time (not really sure how haha). But for the reading part, I tried to read it as quickly as possible, some I skimmed just to get the jist of it.

    I'm sure you did fine. You get your results immediately after you finish.
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    For me, I did the reading selection first since reading is my strong point.

    The applied math was a bit challenging and I felt time going against me at the end, but it was enought that I got a perfect score in every section.
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    Hi Shadowguy,

    I am in a similar situation as the person you replied to. I just passed my cnet and if all goes well will start the program in Sep at Goldwater (where did you go?) I was wondering how the job hunting is going? Will they let you apply at other hospitals besides HHC ones? I heard Mt.Sinai Hospital hires LPNs....good luck and I would so appreciate any input/advice! Thanks!!
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    hello, guys it is good to find you. i registered the c net , i heard they don't have science on teas test , is that true? i called the lady today and they said that , by the way , she said even we pass both of test c net and teas , it is not 100 percent we will go for LPN program we have to apply, anyone here knows is that hard to apply to be accepted or?? what kind of document do they need? i moved to newyork not long ago. if didn't get into this c net lpn program . any other way i can go to school for LPN? i am really looking forward to go to school
    by the way WHAT IS TABE? i thought the second test is called TEAS?
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    does TEAS or TABE have science? anyone please tell me . i asked the lady in the program and she said there is no science for LPN , is that true?

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