Anybody working or has interviewed for St. Barnabas in the Bronx?? HELP!! - page 4

I interviewed yesterday. I am a new grad. I got an email from the person who interviewed me in nursing administration and they said that they had forward my resume to HR and that I will get a call from them to continue with the... Read More

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    Quote from D_lohvRN
    Khrissi17 and Nurse Cruz-Perez, how did you guys apply? They don't seem to show any nurse positions on the hospital site. I am happy you both landed a job, it gives me hope.....congrats and I hope you guys love it
    Only by the grace of God.. because I graduated since 11/2009 (passed boards 1/2010) and been working in a nursing home..I faxed in my resume over the summer and He did the rest
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    HI everyone! I interviewed with Nursing Administration yesterday and got a call from HR today to schedule my pharm test. Does anyone have any in site to the exam? How should I study for it? I know that it is a 60 question multiple choice exam with no calculator
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    Hey is the hospital still hiring? I'm hearing that theyre now telling people no open positions.Also when you go, you guys are first applying in person then they call for pharm test? How long does it take you to schedule for a pharm test. I know someone who is waiting and it's been a week or a little over a week. Also, after pharm test you guys sit for interview? It seems like everyone is undergoing a different sequence
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    Yes, I second this - I've been applying, and trying to follow up, in the past month, and haven't heard anything. Do any of you working there know if this ICU residency program is set to continue? I'd really appreciate it..thanks so much and congrats again to all who scored positions there.
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    They have just started an ED residency today. Eleven people were hired and four of them are new grads.
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    When they do their residency progs its like half in house transfers (I guess because of the union)
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    Hey All:

    Does anyone know if they consider ADN new grads? Also, as someone asked before, is it best to go in person and apply? Or through the website? Any tips are appreciated!
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    Can someone tell me what topics are covered on the med exam? I have no idea what to study, and I'm supposed to be taking the test on Monday. Please help!
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    Does anyone know if they're currently hiring?
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    I am waiting on my references to come back. I was told that orientations will be july 14th. I came in for an interview after calling the person that was in charge of staff development and education( really nice women by the way) we went over what the hiring process entailed and how long it would take( pass math test, pass background check, pass physical, and reference check) I took the math exam that day and found out the next day I scored in the high 90's. the math test was pretty basic and i was able to use a calculator. If you can't pass this math test then you probably don't know the very basic things a nurse should now, new grad or seasoned nurse. I was told that I had to have another appt with HR dept which was very pleasant( she was also very nice) I filled out my reference info which they send the old fashioned way through mail with a lot of character check list questions. I also had a physical scheduled for that day which was intense, she took like 8 tubes of blood. Then I did drug test which was basically urinating in a cup( while the nurse was in the bathroom) lol. I was notified about my background test and drug test and physical the following week. I am still waiting for my physical which I know that at least one facility has received. I was a LPN for 10 years and only worked as a RN for 5 months in a HD clinic. I kind of had a hook up with the interview but I definitely sold my self on the interview, prayed about it and made sure I stayed positive. I did most of my clinicals there during nursing school so I know what to expect. I landed a job in Med-Surg which I think is perfect or me. I feeling blessed. Good luck to all!

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