anybody knows about RN to BSN program at hunter? anybody knows about RN to BSN program at hunter? | allnurses

anybody knows about RN to BSN program at hunter?

  1. 0 Hi I applied to hunter RN to BSN program and am waiting for the result. I was wondering if prerequisite courses should be done before entering the school. Or can I finish them prior to the second semester?
    Please help me!!!! because i am missing 2 more prereq courses
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    I'm actually applying to that program as well. It says on the site that they have to be completed prior to the second semester so probably before you attend because I would think otherwise it would be very difficult to take them while starting those nursing classes that first semester. I already have all of them. Do you know anything about how difficult it is to get into the program? It says a minimum of 3.25 which is pretty high minimum compared to the other programs I've looked at.
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    Thank u for your comment! I don't know how difficult it will be to get in but i would say as long as your gpa is above 3.25, u r safe. Btw, prerequisite courses are psych100,150, chem100/101+12.5credits, eng120, stat. Right? So u mean we need go get all prerequisites done before entering hunter?
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    I am entering the program this fall, however it is through a dual joint program. I was required to complete chem 127, stats and History 127 in order to be accepted for the fall. All of the other classes were prereqs/coreqs for the program I am currently in so I already completed those.
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    It says before second semester. I would definitely email someone at the school though because you might want to do them in the summer or at least start them. It says before the 2nd semester so I think you're safe. There's an email listed for the dean on their site.
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    Thank u blondie1887! I emailed them lo like a hundred of times and they never gave me answers to mine.
    I will just see how it is going to be.
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    do you know how long the program takes to complete?