Adelphi nursing program??

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    I just applied to Adelphis nursing program. I had a C in A & P I which is not acceptable for their program so I re-took the class and got a B. I have a 3.36 GPA and passed the TEAS. I didnt do that well but I passed all sections. When I spoke to them at Adelphi they said I have a very good chance of getting in and not to worry. I am just so nervous! Anyone else apply with a similar situation and get into their program?? I really hope I get in!

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    Hey, I am in a very similar position as you. I am finishing a BS in Public Health this December and applied for entrance into Adelphi's nursing program for the Spring of 2013. I need to do a semester of prereq's then go into the nursing classes. I will be graduating this December from SUNY Old Westbury with a GPA around 3.8 and got an 80 overall on the TEAS... scored well more than 10% over the minimum in each section. When I spoke to a transfer advisor, I was told that I have a very good chance of getting in, but now have to wait to hear from them because my application is for the Spring and they have not finished reviewing applications for the Fall. They said I should hear from them by August. At least they make an effort to keep in touch, the advisor emailed me when they received each of my transcripts and has been keeping me up to date on the status of my application... a welcome change from the SUNY school staff. Are you applying for the Fall?
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    Yes I am applying for Fall 12 ... I agree, so much better then the SUNY staff! However I just checked my application status and they said they are waiting for my grades from this summers course before they can give me an answer. Im so upset! My class doesnt end until August 8th and then they have to resubmit my application for review which can take up to 3 weeks so I dont know how I will be able to attend in the Fall if I do get accepted... someone from their office is calling me back today. UGH what a stressful process!
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    I actually JUST got accepted!!! YAYY!! Good luck to you!
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    How did you find out that you got accepted? Congrats!! I took the TEAS on Sunday as well, I passed all the parts I just made the math passing score for Adelphi so I am a little worried about that.
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    Dont worry as long as you pass thats all they care about, they dont look at scores. They called me and told me..
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    Which program did you apply to at Adelphi??

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